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Fried Fish Bones + Smoked Fish

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    Fried Fish Bones + Smoked Fish

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      Fried Fish Bones + Smoked Fish

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      June 26, 2019

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  • Prep Time
    20 min
  • Cook Time
    70 min
  • Serving Size
    6 to 8



  • 2 cups neutral oil, plus more for drizzling
  • 4 whole rainbow trout, cleaned, filets and bones separated
  • Coarse kosher salt or your favorite seasoning blend
  • ½ lemon, zested and juiced
  • Special equipment: applewood BBQ smoking chips, charcoal, charcoal grill


  1. Pour oil into a large cast iron pan and heat on medium high until it reaches around 375 degrees F. Fry fish bones until golden brown and crispy, about 3-5 minutes. Transfer to a plate lined with paper towel.
  2. Sprinkle with salt, lemon zest and squeeze of lemon juice. You may cut bones into smaller pieces before serving.
  3. Add charcoal to grill and allow for 30 minutes to 1 hour for the charcoal to burn down to white coals. While your grill is heating up, make sure to scrub the grates with a stainless steel brush to clean off and leftover food.
  4. Lightly coat flesh side of the fish with oil and sprinkle with salt.
  5. Remove the grate from the grill and bank the charcoal to one side. This will create two heating zones in the grill, direct heat and indirect heat. Scatter two large handfuls of wood chips on top of coals and place the grate back on.
  6. The wood chips should immediately start to burn and produce a flame but this flame will die down and quickly turn to smoke.
  7. Working quickly, place trout flesh side down on the opposite side of the charcoal (the indirect heat zone). Cover with the lid and allow to smoke for 6 – 7 minutes.
  8. Depending on the size of your grill you may have to smoke in batches, adding another handful of wood chips as needed for each batch.

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