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6 Mind-Blowing Storage Solutions for Tiny Homes

6 Mind-Blowing Storage Solutions for Tiny Homes Featured
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    6 Mind-Blowing Storage Solutions for Tiny Homes

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      Alanna Stang

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      6 Mind-Blowing Storage Solutions for Tiny Homes

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      October 19, 2018

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When your whole house is smaller than the average American living room, there’s only so much you can stuff in it. But even the most minimalist amongst us needs some place to stash some basic necessities. Use these six clever space-saving products to make the most out of every square inch.

1. Pantry Raid

No room for a butler’s pantry? No worries. Rev-a-shelf’s solid maple wood swing-out cabinet organizer will make whatever space you do have feel truly expansive. It comes with two pivoting, double-sided shelf units that can flip out or be tucked in as needed, in addition to two door-mounted shelf units—all of which have an adjustable height. Designed for standard 36-inch-wide cupboards and available in four different heights, this kit is like the clown car of cabinetry.

2. Box-Office Hit

A storage unit that’s big enough to stash whatever you need to hide, pretty enough to keep in plain sight, sturdy enough to sit on and flexible enough to disappear when you don’t need it? No, you’re not dreaming. The folks at Poppin already created this amazing space saver. And now this plush and padded collapsible 16-inch cube is available in eight bold colors. The easy-care polyester fabric masks a framework that can support up to 275 pounds and fold down to a mere 2.5-inches.

3. Swing Time

This wall-mounted swing stool is practically magic: there when you need a seat, then it’s gone at the drop of a hat when you don’t. Plus, it takes up no floor space at all. The smooth swivel action allows it to pivot out from under a counter when it’s time to sit down and tuck back in when it’s time to get up. The cast-iron bracket can be mounted at any level and is durable enough to never let you down. The best part is no annoying legs to trip over. Perfect for kitchen counters, it has vintage-inspired details, a 12-inch-diameter poplar seat that can be stained to match any finish and is made in America.

4. Splash Dance

When limited floor space translates into limited drawer space, it’s easy to feel like you’re backed into a corner. So while your back is to the wall, why not make use of that vertical space with your kitchen utensils? Clever Storage by Kessebohmer’s minimalist Linero backsplash rail-and-hook system is designed to hold everything you can’t fit in a caddy or cupboard and want to keep at hand. With accessories for hanging pot lids, spice racks, knives, paper towels and all manner of gadgets, it’s a sleek way to find a home for everything you need to cook like a pro—including a perfectly-angled cook book—without cluttering your countertop.

5. Capsule Wardrobe

Of all the places to have an alternative for limited storage in a home, the closet is usually one of the biggest priorities. But Trinity’s EcoStorage Expandable Closet Organizer is a great way to rescue your wardrobe. A free-standing, expandable hanging rack–shelf combination made of steel wire with a non-toxic chrome finish, this unit comes with two hanging rods and 10 bamboo shelves (two larger and eight smaller ones) and can grow from 56 to 78 inches in width.

6. Table Manners

A drop-leaf table is always a good idea when space is at a premium. The Breakfast Bar has two drawers as well as storage space for two stools when folded. Made of solid hardwood in a natural finish, this table also includes a towel rack and castors because you never know where such a smart cart may come in handy.

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