Season 1 (14)

3 Seasons | 22 Episodes

Episode 14 Galveston Island Indulgence
S 1 E 14

Galveston Island Indulgence

Aired on Jul 22, 2015

John and Jessica are finally making their dreams of living near the water come true, and are making the full-time move to Galveston, Texas. They need enough space for their two youngsters that still live at home and their three older ones who visit often. They need waterfront expert Nick Waldner’s help in finding the ideal waterfront dream home that is equal parts glam for Jessica, and perfect party pad for John.

Episode 13 Beautiful Biloxi Beach Homes
S 1 E 13

Beautiful Biloxi Beach Homes

Aired on Jul 22, 2015

Lee and Jamie are in desperate need of finding a home large enough for their sizeable family of seven. Jamie is very particular about what type of waterfront home she would like, whereas Lee’s major criteria is finding a home where he can park his boat. Nick Waldner will be working hard to find them the home of their dreams.

Episode 12 Fun & Funky Venice Beach
S 1 E 12

Fun & Funky Venice Beach

Aired on Jul 13, 2015

Brett and Yeva would like to move from their desert town to Venice Beach, California. Yeva wants a modern beachside condo, while Brett would like something large and homey. They need waterfront expert Nick Waldner’s help to get their priorities straight and figure out what will work best for them both.

Episode 11 Corpus Christi Charmers
S 1 E 11

Corpus Christi Charmers

Aired on Jul 13, 2015

Jason and Sabrina are a fun surf loving family. They are world travelers and with a five-month-old baby. Sabrina wants a move-in ready home while Jason would like to find a home he can renovate and put his stamp on. Will Nick be able to present Jason and Sabrina with waterfront home perfection that they can’t turn down?

Episode 10 Palm Coast Paradise
S 1 E 10

Palm Coast Paradise

Aired on Jun 15, 2015

Dave and Christi are in the middle of planning their wedding but first the couple wants to purchase a home together in Palm Coast, Florida. Dave is a realtor who wants an outsiders perspective on their home hunt. Will Nick’s fresh take on the home search help Dave and Christy find the perfect waterfront home before they walk down the aisle?

Episode 9 Orlando Lakefront Magic
S 1 E 9

Orlando Lakefront Magic

Aired on Jun 29, 2015

The Leakes are moving from Lake Michigan to Orlando, Florida. They have one weekend to find their new waterfront dream home. This couple is looking to relocate immediately and they need Nick to help their family find their waterfront paradise right away. Will the weekend be enough time to help them find the perfect place?

Episode 8 Family Friendly in Gulfport
S 1 E 8

Family Friendly in Gulfport

Aired on Jun 22, 2015

Paige and Cameron are a couple who are looking to purchase their dream home in Gulfport, Mississippi. They want to live by the water to give their eight year old son Jaxon an active waterfront lifestyle. But with Paige wanting a stylish vintage home and Cameron wanting a simple home with a laid back feel, this house hunt may be more complicated than anyone ever imagined.

Episode 7 Beachfront Maryland Masterpieces
S 1 E 7

Beachfront Maryland Masterpieces

Aired on Jun 15, 2015

Nick meets up with his new clients John and Margo. They currently live in a hectic part of Washington, DC and they’re ready to find a nice house on the water in St. Michaels, Maryland . Nick takes Margo and John sailing and bike riding in St. Michaels so that he can show them the area and help them find the perfect new home.

Episode 6 Sky High in San Diego
S 1 E 6

Sky High in San Diego

Aired on Jun 08, 2015

Nate and Michelle are looking for their waterfront dream home in San Diego, California. Michelle wants a high rise condo while Nate wants to settle down in a single family home. Will Nick ever be able to get this couple on the same page?

Episode 5 Oceanside in Marathon
S 1 E 5

Oceanside in Marathon

Aired on Jun 08, 2015

After a year and a half of dating, Michael and Mallory are buying a house together. They are a very active couple who enjoy being on the water daily, and want to find a house that not only fits their busy lifestyle but also has enough space for their dogs. With Nick on board, this home hunt should be smooth sailing.

Episode 4 Mount Dora Dream House
S 1 E 4

Mount Dora Dream House

Aired on Jun 01, 2015

Benji and Jahnesia have big dreams of living lakefront in the quaint and charming Mount Dora, Florida. With a one-year old daughter, and a baby on the way, they need Nick’s help to find their family’s waterfront dream quickly. Are this couples dreams bigger than their budget?

Episode 3 Lake Havasu Haven
S 1 E 3

Lake Havasu Haven

Aired on Jun 01, 2015

Sam is a professional BMX bike rider and he wants to find a home for himself and his longtime girlfriend, Kayley, in Lake Havasu Arizona. Sam wants a party pad by the lake, while Kayley is looking for their forever home. They’ll need Nick’s help to find them the perfect waterfront home that combines fun and a foundation for their future.

Episode 2 Sweet Home Alabama
S 1 E 2

Sweet Home Alabama

Aired on May 25, 2015

Richie, Brenda and their two kids are making a huge move from Chicago to relocate full time to gorgeous Gulf Shores, Alabama. They have tons of hobbies and need a large house for their kids and all of their sporting goods. But with multiple waterfront choices in the Gulf, they need Nick’s help to narrow it down. Will it be lagoon or canal front for the Kanthaphixay family?

Episode 1 Ventura Beachside Bliss
S 1 E 1

Ventura Beachside Bliss

Aired on May 25, 2015

Aaron and Crystal are looking for a forever home for their growing family. With a baby on the way, and a toddler in tow, they need to find a house quickly. Priority number one for this family is being as close to the water as possible, so they can make lifelong memories beachside. They need Nick’s help to focus the search and get them in a home as soon as possible.

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