Season 2 (10)

2 Seasons | 10 Episodes

Episode 10 Atlanta, GA
S 2 E 10

Atlanta, GA

Aired on Apr 04, 2019

Justin and Charalaina are a fun-loving couple with a passion for their city of Atlanta and want to invest in their community by purchasing a home they can subsidize by turning it into a rental destination. Since this investment will use up most of their life savings, Holly Baker is on hand to make sure they’re choosing the right location with the best amenities.

Episode 9 Kauai
S 2 E 9


Aired on Mar 28, 2019

Matt and Rosi was instantly smitten with the garden island of Kauai years ago and have devised a plan to make it their eventual permanent residence by purchasing a second home and renting it out to vacationers for extra income. Holly Baker will show them three options that will not only make their dreams a reality, but also make them money.

Episode 8 Galveston
S 2 E 8


Aired on Mar 21, 2019

The Pooles are a large, tight-knit family who love spending time together at the beach, so matriarch Martha has banded together her adult children to hunt for a vacation home that she can enjoy with her five children and thirteen grandchildren. Holly Baker shows them a way to pay for a family abode that large by renting it out to minimize the economic impact. But can this large clan all agree on one?

Episode 7 Maui, Hawaii
S 2 E 7

Maui, Hawaii

Aired on Mar 14, 2019

Jillian and her husband Matt lead super busy lives, so to find a vacation property to purchase for their family in Maui, Jillian will lean on both her good friend Kim as well as Holly Baker to find the ideal Hawaiian home that they can both enjoy as well as earn some cash as a rental destination.

Episode 6 Poconos, PA
S 2 E 6

Poconos, PA

Aired on Mar 07, 2019

Steve and Bridget fell in love while working together at a Poconos resort and after getting married and starting a family in California, they’ve returned to the east coast and put down roots back where it all began for them. To help with this endeavor, they’re turning to Holly Baker to find a vacation property that they can enjoy with their kids and rent out to make some money to cover their investment.

Episode 5 Palm Springs, CA
S 2 E 5

Palm Springs, CA

Aired on Feb 16, 2019

Jill and Cutter met when they were both recently divorced and have since formed a blended family, which has created a desire to find an affordable vacation in the desert oasis known as Palm Springs, Ca, where Holly Baker will show them three homes that will both appeal to renters and be big enough to fit their whole clan!

Episode 4 Delaware Coast
S 2 E 4

Delaware Coast

Aired on Feb 21, 2019

Brad and Stacey have been talking about buying a vacation home in Rehoboth Beach on the Delaware Coast since they started dating. They’ve agreed after three years of marriage that it’s time to make their dream a reality, but they’re not quite in agreement over size, style and location of their new home. Holly Baker shows them three options that they can not only turn into the home of their dreams, but also earn money by turning them into vacation rental destinations.

Episode 3 Mammoth Lakes, CA
S 2 E 3

Mammoth Lakes, CA

Aired on Feb 14, 2019

Josh and Brooke are avid adventurers, but after fourteen years of marriage and starting a family, they’ve decided the next thrill will be investing in a home. With limited funds, they’re decided to purchase a rental property in their idyllic hometown of Mammoth Lakes, California. Holly Baker will show them how to find the right location to maximize rental income for them to fund the purchase of their very own family home.

Episode 2 Bend, OR
S 2 E 2

Bend, OR

Aired on Feb 07, 2019

John and Tiffany have been vacationing in Bend, Oregon since they started dating and they’re now poised to make Bend a permanent part of their lives by purchasing their first vacation home. To help offset costs, Holly Baker will show them three rental properties, appealing to vacationers looking to experience some Bend magic.

Episode 1 Seattle, WA
S 2 E 1

Seattle, WA

Aired on Feb 02, 2019

Holly Baker shows local sportscaster Angie and her husband Jarrett, a way to firmly set up roots in the Seattle area by checking out three vacation homes they can enjoy for years with their family and rent it out to guests to help with costs. Angie and Jarrett will see that going away doesn’t mean you have to travel far away.

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