Episode 4 Gas & Go For The Soul
S 1 E 4

Gas & Go For The Soul

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Episode 3 Family Affair
S 1 E 3

Family Affair

Whether it’s family, friends or community, the love of classic cars bring people together like they never could have imagined: a vo-tech school created in honor of a fallen car club member, a stolen truck that brought an entire community together, a family rooted in generations of working with their hands to bring cars back to life or a lifelong friendship formed around a warehouse of classic cars; these stories show that a true passion for cars can unite anyone.

Episode 2 A Time For Healing
S 1 E 2

A Time For Healing

Aired on Feb 03, 2022

Classic cars move people in unexpected ways: in Nashville, a couple of neighbors who didn’t speak, until a car spoke for them; in San Francisco, a convertible Chevelle bonded a clothing tycoon and an electrician to fight Asian hate.

Episode 1 Unlikely Friendships
S 1 E 1

Unlikely Friendships

Aired on Feb 03, 2022

In the Bay Area and Houston, a love of classic cars leads to some unlikely friendships; a bond between an 80-year-old truck driver from Alabama and a young executive; a ’79 Camaro that built a lifelong relationship between a former NFL linebacker and a cop; and a love of classics cars that grew into a “family affair.”

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