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7 Blogs Building Up the Tiny House Movement

7 Tiny Blogs Featured
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    7 Blogs Building Up the Tiny House Movement

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      Sarah Engler

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      7 Blogs Building Up the Tiny House Movement

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      September 22, 2019

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Taking the plunge into tiny living is nothing to take lightly. From downsizing to managing your everyday life, it’s best to do some research on the tiny house movement before committing. And for those already living in small spaces, it might seem overwhelming at first. Whether you’re debating going tiny or already living small and in need of advice, these eight blogs will give you valuable inspiration and insight into the tiny house movement.

The Tiny Life

A self-proclaimed “tiny lifestyle blog” created by Charlotte-based author Ryan Mitchell, The Tiny Life includes reflections on living with less and advice on embarking on a new life in a small space. It also goes into detail about more technical building guidance and house tours.

Tiny House Blog

Since May 2007, Kent Griswold has been enamored with small spaces. His blog, which takes you inside hundreds of homes, is now produced by a team of five. Step inside the dwellings of real families, tiny houses on the market and cleverly designed prefabricated models.

The Tiny Project

Blogger Alek Lisefski’s 160-foot home, which he lives in with his partner and dog, has traveled from Iowa to California and is now planted in Texas. Lisefski’s posts answer practical questions like how to secure a house on wheels, go solar in a small space and winterize your plumbing.


Follow the adventures of a family of four and their Great Dane as they live life in their 232-square-foot home. Author Macy’s posts run the gamut—from 10 reasons why a composting toilet is better (and less gross) than a flush model to a minimalist’s guide to baby gear.

Vina’s Tiny House

Architect Vina Lustado fit her dream home into 140 square feet in Ojai, California, and now she’s designing similar dreamy modern spaces for her clients. Her blog follows these projects’ progress, but elsewhere on the site, you can purchase the plans for her own house (or commission her to draw up some custom ones) and check out her prefab models.

Tiny House Giant Journey

Hefty doses of debt and wanderlust inspired Jenna and Guillaume to move into a tiny home on wheels and haul it more than 25,000 miles (and counting!) across the United States and Canada. Read all about their adventures, and collect some invaluable tips about living in a small mobile space along the way.

Tiny House Swoon

This blog’s tagline reads, “There’s beauty in less,” and that philosophy is even applied to the posts. Each “swoon” is featured using only photos and/or video, letting the visuals speak for themselves. Browse by category (A-frames, house boats, container homes, etc.) and easily share your favorites with your friends.

And for all tiny house content on FYI, be sure to check out the Tiny Living Blog here!

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