Tiny House Tour: Pop-Up Shop

The latest additions to the Tiny House community are fashion designer-entrepreneurs Greg and Frances. The couple spends all of their time working on their clothing line “Style Is Serene” and wanted to take their business on the road…literally.

“It’s not just going to be a brand, it’s literally going to be our lifestyle,” explains Frances.

Not only did the couple want a home, but they also needed a retail space with storage. No strangers to a challenge,  John and Zack were able to stitch together an amazing and efficient tiny house that gave the couple everything they wanted and more.

Along with the basics, the Pop-up Shop House must-have list also included:

  • Retail space
  • Work area
  • Storage for inventory
  • Full-sized bathtub

Take a peek inside the finished space:

tiny house nation pop up shop
A pull-out couch by day and a bed with storage by night.

tiny house nation pop up shop
Built-in storage with removable doors that double as display table tops.

tiny house nation pop up shop
Sleek red tile and a full-sized bathtub.

Watch the full episode to see more of the Pop-up Shop House features and check out all of our Tiny House Nation full episodes.

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