Season 1 (12)

2 Seasons | 22 Episodes

Episode 12 Raj and Riva
S 1 E 12

Raj and Riva

Aired on May 10, 2017

Raj and Riva have a large family kitchen. But after 11 years, the brown cabinets, laminate counters and lack of organization, have them pushing the reno button. They want this to be their forever home, but quotes are coming in well over their budget. They wonder if they have to move to get their dream kitchen. They need help before they put a for sale sign on their home. Sebastian and Sabrina use their expertise and upcycling skills to create a kitchen that looks custom, saving Raj and Riva’s reno.

Episode 11 Jason and Nikki
S 1 E 11

Jason and Nikki

Aired on May 03, 2017

Jason and Nikki are a busy family of four. They have a great home in a great neighborhood, but their kitchen is letting them down. Their patience is tested daily. Opening drawers, meal prep, and finding space for their everyday needs is a challenge. They believe the best solution is to blow out walls to open it up, but quotes are blowing their budget out of the water. The kitchen is tiny and overdue for a big transformation. Sebastian and Sabrina turn used cabinets and repurposed furniture into a stunning design to save their reno.

Episode 10 Rob and Caitlin
S 1 E 10

Rob and Caitlin

Aired on May 10, 2017

Rob and Caitlin have four kids and one on the way. When they moved into their family home, they personalized the kids’ rooms, but never completed their own bedroom and bathroom. In fact, their master suite has become a playroom for their kids with their mattress on the floor acting as a trampoline! With a baby on the way, they’ve decided it’s their turn. They want a master retreat oasis, but quotes are well over their budget. With limited funds, they need smart solutions. Through upcycled builds and recycled finds, Sebastian and Sabrina can save their reno.

Episode 9 Lisa and Kenny
S 1 E 9

Lisa and Kenny

Aired on May 03, 2017

Lisa and Kenny’s lives are very busy. Not only are they raising two kids, but they also work in the music industry and are often on the road. They bought their family home five years ago and started to update their kitchen, but life got in the way and it’s been left unfinished. They’ve been able to save over the years and are ready to hire professionals to finish what they started. The only problem is quotes are coming in well over their budget. Sebastian and Sabrina use their upcycling know-how and repurpose tricks to save this reno.

Episode 8 Jamie and Marcus
S 1 E 8

Jamie and Marcus

Aired on Apr 26, 2017

Jamie and Marcus have a lot going on. They got engaged, bought a house, and now they want to take on a kitchen reno. Money is tight, but with broken drawers, doors that won’t fully open, and a hazardous stove, they’re desperate for a new kitchen. With a wedding around the corner, their funds are limited and quotes are coming in too high. Sebastian and Sabrina know how to spend smart and reimagine design elements to save their reno.

Episode 7 Eric and Rebecca
S 1 E 7

Eric and Rebecca

Aired on Apr 26, 2017

Eric and Rebecca are engineers by day, and home brewers by night. They love to have friends over to try new ales, but their 60s kitchen isn’t equipped for their entertaining needs. They weren’t afraid to take out a wall in the dining room, but taking on a kitchen reno is beyond their engineering know-how. They want an open concept kitchen complete with a beverage center and won’t settle for less, but quotes are way over their budget. Sebastian and Sabrina recycle hardware and salvage materials to save their reno.

Episode 6 Andrew and Courtney
S 1 E 6

Andrew and Courtney

Aired on Apr 19, 2017

Andrew is a single guy who loves to entertain family and friends, but his kitchen is too small and closed off. He wants open concept with a large island so he can see his guests when they come over and have great sight lines to his seven nieces when they visit. His sister Courtney agrees and has been by his side getting quotes, but they’re coming in too high. Andrew wants the biggest bang for his buck and doesn’t want to compromise. Sebastian and Sabrina dive into DIY with Andrew and Courtney, using salvaged items and unique finds to give Andrew the bachelor pad he’s always dreamed about.

Episode 5 Karen and Matt
S 1 E 5

Karen and Matt

Aired on Apr 19, 2017

Karen and Matt crave an open concept main floor. They have two young kids and a wall preventing them from proper sight lines but the dividing wall is only the first of many “wants” on their list. They also want to overhaul their main floor so it looks more like an adult space, instead of a catch-all for kids’ toys. Quotes for their dream reno are a nightmare, coming in well above their budget. Sebastian and Sabrina use their expertise and completely transform the space with upcycled materials and repurposed cabinetry to save their reno.

Episode 4 Joel and Kera
S 1 E 4

Joel and Kera

Aired on Oct 10, 2019

Joel and Kera have two growing boys, a busy schedule, and a basement straight out of the 70s. Kera’s grandmother used to own the house, but now it’s Kera and Joel’s. Kera has fond memories of family gatherings in the space and wants to capture those days again with her growing family. However, the orange carpet, dark paneling, and damp feel aren’t inviting at all. They’ve reached out to contractors, but quotes are exceeding their budget. Sebastian and Sabrina will breathe new life into the space through salvaged items and cost-effective solutions to save their reno.

Episode 3 Sarah and Jon
S 1 E 3

Sarah and Jon

Aired on Oct 10, 2019

Sarah and Jon bought their first home and knew it needed some fixing up, but didn’t realize how much time and money it would take to get it family friendly. Jon took on the basement reno first and quickly realized the kitchen is beyond his skills. There’s a lot to deal with, including an odd layout, peel and stick flooring and very shallow counters. Jon’s on paternity leave and needs the job done before he returns to work, but quotes are coming in high. With some unique finds and reimagining standard cabinets, Sebastian and Sabrina will get it done and save their reno.

Episode 2 David and Wemi
S 1 E 2

David and Wemi

Aired on Oct 03, 2019

David and Wemi love their home but hate their builder’s grade galley kitchen. There’s not enough counter space or storage and the layout is tight. They’ve made DIY attempts to add storage and update features, only to admit defeat in their efforts to make the space more functional. A full kitchen reno is bigger than these DIY’ers can handle and they need the professionals. With a growing baby, money is tight and quotes are coming in higher than they can afford. Sebastian and Sabrina know how to save their reno through some up-cycling tricks and smart spends.

Episode 1 Nick and Zina
S 1 E 1

Nick and Zina

Aired on Oct 03, 2019

Nick and Zina are a dynamic real estate duo who understand the pride of ownership. Their family home is impeccable, except for their master bathroom. It’s very large, very dark, and has some very strange features that leave people scratching their heads. They’ve renovated their whole house, so money is tight. The quotes they’ve been getting are coming in well above their budget and they’re at a loss and need help. Sebastian and Sabrina impart their expertise and create break out builds with custom surprises as they save their reno.

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