Rachael Ray's Italian Dream Home

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Rachael Ray’s dream since childhood has been to own a villa in Tuscany. Now that dream is about to become a reality … well, hopefully. This labor of love is not anyone’s idea of a typical Italian villa, but is instead the full restoration of a centuries-old stable without water, electricity, heat or plumbing. This massive structure has been long abandoned, and the entire place is in desperate need of a full structural overhaul and decorative redesign. Rachael has a plan for every inch of the home, and bringing this plan to life is her business partner and project manager Michael Murray, who must execute her vision with a team of non-English speaking contractors, all in time for Rachael and husband John’s wedding anniversary – a massive party for their closest friends at the newly restored villa. So the clock is ticking. Each episode will focus on the creation and design of a room in the house and the unforeseen problems that go with them. Everything from excavating floors in order to create higher living room ceilings to building kitchens IN the bedroom – all in the glorious backdrop of the beautiful Tuscan countryside.

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