Platinum Eye

Platinum Eye

S 1 E 8

Eye on Paris Haute Couture

Mar 21, 2021 | 20m 7s | tv-pg | CC

Last year Avril headed to Paris, the City of Lights, to reveal a world shrouded in secrecy: a behind the scenes glimpse into the intriguing and super chic world of a one of a kind Haute Couture fashion show. She profiled high fashion design brand Ralph & Russo over a 2-day period as they sped to the finish line, with an army of seamstresses, designers, stylists and models to pull off arguably the week’s most impressive live event. Avril even spent time with Harper’s Bazzar icon, Glenda Bailey, to uncover the true ingredients that make a Haute Couture item so covetable and pricy. While in Paris Avril also headed to the Mandarin Oriental hotel for an exquisite pastry tasting and to enjoy a masterfully made cocktail that features fire and ice.

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