Episode 8 Eye on Paris Haute Couture
S 1 E 8

Eye on Paris Haute Couture

Aired on Mar 21, 2021

Last year Avril headed to Paris, the City of Lights, to reveal a world shrouded in secrecy: a behind the scenes glimpse into the intriguing and super chic world of a one of a kind Haute Couture fashion show. She profiled high fashion design brand Ralph & Russo over a 2-day period as they sped to the finish line, with an army of seamstresses, designers, stylists and models to pull off arguably the week’s most impressive live event. Avril even spent time with Harper’s Bazzar icon, Glenda Bailey, to uncover the true ingredients that make a Haute Couture item so covetable and pricy. While in Paris Avril also headed to the Mandarin Oriental hotel for an exquisite pastry tasting and to enjoy a masterfully made cocktail that features fire and ice.

Episode 7 Barbados Living Platinum Style
S 1 E 7

Barbados Living Platinum Style

Aired on Mar 21, 2021

Avril travels to beautiful Barbados to discover spectacular vistas, luxurious hotels and private residences as well as the exotic tastes and flavors that make this an uber chic Caribbean destination. Her joyous romp includes secrets and stories at rum distilleries, including Mount Gay, brilliant getaway cruises on fabulous yachts as well as a tour of a breathtaking hotel at Port Ferdinand, that features a lavish pool set within a protected marina, sumptuous water-front dining and luxurious amenities.

Episode 2 Lux on the Range
S 1 E 2

Lux on the Range

Aired on Nov 29, 2020

Avril Graham celebrates the absolute best of the vast geography in heartland America–Big Sky country, Montana. Capturing its raw beauty, finding luxurious experiences on the cowboy trail, taming mustangs, cattle herding on horseback with cowboys and discovering a cowboy poet, Avril finds herself truly at home on the range. The trip includes a forage for nature’s freshest and most unusual herbs with a top gourmet chef up high on the rugged Montana mountainside, surrounded by bison. She tries her hand at fly fishing, and experiences seriously chic Glamping on the banks of the Blackfoot River at the Resort at Paws Up, favored by the celebrity elite. With even more adventures and a lot of extra surprises to experience, we invite you to the luxurious West, Platinum Eye style.

Episode 1 Rock and Royal
S 1 E 1

Rock and Royal

Aired on Nov 29, 2020

Avril Graham traces rock ‘n roll royalty to real aristocracy from London to the Shires. We discover the spot where David Bowie retired his alter ego Ziggy Stardust. We talk afternoon tea, culture and more in the beautiful, gilded room where Princess Diana and many other past and current British royals and notables have dined over the decades at the historic Cafe Royal in London, and follow to a fascinating and luxuriously dreamy stay at the famed Castle from Downton Abbey where we spend quality time with its aristocratic owners, the Earl and Countess Carnarvon.

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