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Cherry Healey


Best known for her hugely successful BBC3 documentaries, Cherry is insightful, witty, challenging and compassionate about the subjects she covers, with a genuine desire to give voice to the true character of the contributors she encounters.

Cherry’s immersive documentaries began with Drinking with the Girls in 2009. Next, she moved on to Cherry Has a Baby, Cherry Goes Dating and Cherry Gets Married, which were broadcast in September 2010. In April 2011 her documentary exploring all things surrounding breast feeding, Is Breast Best? was broadcast on BBC Three.

Cherry’s Dilemma’s on Money, Body Image and Parenting followed in 2011 and played in the UK as well as on ABC in Australia.

Cherry’s most recent shows include 2012’s How To Get A Life and Britain’s Favourite Supermarket Foods and It’s Your Move in 2013.

With a degree in Drama Education/ Drama for Social Change from Central School of Speech and Drama, Cherry has a particular interest in women’s ever-changing roles in society – giving light to new cultural trends in a (sometimes painfully!) honest and entertaining way.

She has been a monthly contributor for Mother & Baby Magazine and has written for several publications including Grazia, You Me Baby Magazine, and Cellardoor Online.