Find My First Love

Find My First Love

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S 1 E 9

Where are they Now?

Aired on Jun 21, 2016

In the name of love, we clocked 58,000 miles and traveled to over 30 cities across the globe on a challenging mission to find the one who got away. Whether it was to reunite with a lost love or find closure, our determined romantics hopped on an emotional roller coaster that one moment took their breath away and just as swiftly filled it with agonizing heartache. Now we’re taking a look back to see what happened after the TV cameras stopped rolling and loves pixie dust settled. Did our reunited lovers recreate the magic? Or did they go in opposite directions? Either way, it’s time to celebrate the courageous souls who risked their hearts on the bumpy road to find true love!

S 1 E 6

The Australian Hottie That Got Away

Aired on Dec 12, 2017

Sarah met her Australian love when he was bartending at a Chicago bar. They spent a magical summer together, and then the free-spirited John left for the next stop on his global travels. A year later, he came back but she ghosted him because she was in a serious relationship. Now after splitting up with her boyfriend, her mind always wanders back to John and what might have been.

S 1 E 5

The French Riviera Fantasy That Got Away

Aired on Dec 12, 2017

Dennis met the stunning Agatha while studying abroad in Monaco during college. And for that year when they weren’t cavorting on the French Riviera, they were traveling throughout Europe. It was a fairytale romance- and then it stopped- and he never heard from Agatha again. Now years later, Dennis is still pining for the love he found in Monaco, and needs to know if it was real or just a fantasy for Agatha.

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