Q&A with Alicia

How long has it been since you’ve seen your lost love?

The last time I saw Benjamin was over 8 years ago at the train station in Reims, France. I accompanied him to the station platform and we had our last kiss. He boarded, and that was it.

Why did you wait?

At some point, Benjamin deleted all his social media profiles and stopped responding to my emails. Meanwhile, I’d moved on with my life and was in a serious relationship. I thought about him often, but at the time it seemed best to leave things alone.

What made you pursue them again?

I went through a serious breakup in summer 2013. It got me thinking about what I really want out of life and love. I remembered the passionate spark that Benjamin and I shared, which was something I hadn’t been able to find since. It got me wondering if it might still be there! Otherwise, I just missed my friend and wanted him back in my life.

What were you expecting before you reunited with the one that got away?

I did my best to keep expectations low. I expected that he’d be happy to see me, and I expected our friendship would rekindle. Honestly, best case scenario, I thought “maybe we’ll have a fling for old time’s sake, and then I’ll fly home,” but that’s as far as I’d let myself get. And I expected to eat lots of delicious croissants on my journey.

Are there any other people in your past that slipped through the cracks that you’d want to reunite with?

Romantically? Not that I can think of. There are definitely friends and acquaintances I’ve lost touch with that I would like to see again. I’m all about re-connecting, even when it’s awkward.

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