Q&A with Alexis

How long has it been since you’ve seen your lost love?

The last time I saw Patrick was about 6 years ago during my senior year of high school, but we never really had a “proper” goodbye. I always regretted that.

Why did you wait?

The fact that I let him leave without ever really expressing what his friendship meant to me always made me feel guilty and regretful. I honestly didn’t even know where to start. The fact that we were/are both in a period of our lives where we are just starting out and trying to make sense of adulthood didn’t really help. Patrick was on a different continent while I was trying to figure out what direction to take the rest of my life; he seemed out of reach.

What made you pursue them again?

I’m at a place in my life now where I finally feel like I have some sort of grasp on what I want and where I’m headed. Getting my career started and hopefully being able to travel like I’ve always dreamt of is now something I am able to visualize as a reality for my near future. It’s hard NOT to picture trying to reconnect with Patrick if I plan on casually making a pit-stop in Europe…

What were you expecting before you reunited with the one that got away?

That is a loaded question. I went through all of the emotions throughout the journey to find him. But the moment where it finally came time to see him, I was just purely excited. I was nervous, of course, and the camera crew present definitely did not help. More than anything, I was just excited to go win my friend back. I can tell you what I wasn’t expecting and that was for Patrick to be even dreamier…*swoon*

Are there any other people in your past that slipped through the cracks that you’d want to reunite with?

There are a few friends that meant a lot to me but childish immaturity drove a wedge between us. I’ve grown up so much since high school that I’m able to look back and recognize a lot of my mistakes. That being said, there isn’t anyone that I would want to reconnect romantically with. Unless you’re referring to the guy with a man bun that I saw at Whole Foods last week.

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