5 Ways to Wear Your Technology

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Want to stay a step ahead of the style pack? Update your wardrobe with wearable technology that’s as fashionable as it is functional.

Levi’s Commuter x Jacquard by Google Trucker Jacket

Fashion Technology

Fiddling with your phone while cruising in the bike lane is a dangerously bad idea, but Levi’s and Google have partnered for a solution: an iconic Levi’s design with Google ATAP’s Project Jacquard technology woven in. A tap of your arm can end a call, access your iTunes and get an estimated trip time. The machine-washable design will be available this spring.

Fitbit x Public School

Fashion Technology

Tracking your steps, sit-ups and sleep has never been easier — or better looking. Fitbit, the wearable fitness tracker, has teamed up with label Public School for a collection of street-ready accessories in braided cord and stainless steel. The unisex devices are sleek enough for work and play.

DuoSkin Tattoos

Fashion Technology

Needles are so 2016. Tattoos of the future are made of gold leaf and control mobile devices, display information and store data while stuck to the skin. Though not available in tattoo parlors just yet, DuoSkin’s temporary body art was recently unveiled at MIT Media Lab, in collaboration with Microsoft Research.

Everpurse x Kate Spade

Fashion Technology

Don’t let a drained battery ruin your night. Everpurse and Kate Spade have collaborated on several tote bags and wristlets that charge electronic devices on the go. With a charger tucked discretely in the lining, each piece in this high-tech collection easily passes for a classic, great-looking bag.


Fashion Technology

If your style changes with your mood, Shiftwear — now in the prototype phase — is the answer to your sartorial prayers. The minimalist sneakers are a blank canvas for any smartphone image, and updating the HD display is as easy as changing your phone’s wallpaper. Walking keeps the wireless footwear charged, so there’s no need for cords or cables.

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