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Tiny Questions: River Cabin

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    Tiny Questions: River Cabin

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      Tiny Questions: River Cabin

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      May 26, 2018

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Matt and Moss, along with teenagers Adam and Kate, wanted to move into a tiny house close to their family river rafting business in Tennessee. After going through the process of downsizing their family home into a 320-square-foot tiny house—on TV no less—we asked them to tell us a little bit more about their experiences.

Why did you want to move into a tiny house?

Moss & Matt: We wanted separation from our work. We previously had an apartment over our offices and retail store. There was no escape!

Kate: Because my mom told me I would be moving into a tiny house.

What do you love most about tiny house living?

Moss: Being so close to my family.
Matt: Outdoor living and less clutter.
Kate: Porch living and hearing the river.

What was the hardest thing for you to get rid of when you were consolidating your stuff?

Moss: The dining room table.
Kate: My room. (We are putting in a door soon)
Matt: I miss having a dresser.

What is your favorite design decision or technology in your tiny house?

Moss: Love the double sliding doors!
Kate: Bathroom size and design.
Matt: Tile floors and outdoor living.

Do you have any advice for others thinking about taking the tiny house plunge?

Moss: Research storage options and get creative.
Kate: Good luck!
Matt: Design to meet your specific needs, do not go with cookie cutter design or layout.

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