Q&A with John Weisbarth

Name a place that inspires you and why.

The ocean. I was fortunate enough to grow up in Southern California and as a result have spent a good deal of my time in and around the water. Whether it’s surfing, sailing, swimming or paddling, whenever I’m in the water it feels like home. For me there is nothing more inspiring than watching the sun set over the Pacific.

Who or what is your inspiration? Why?

Professionally my inspiration is Mike Rowe…and not just because he does Levy’s commercials. He has such a great presence on camera and the way he relates with “everyday people” is something that I really try to emulate. In my personal life my Dad is my inspiration. I honestly feel that if I can be half the father to my son that my dad was to me, I will raise a wonderful child. I have learned so much from my dad but nothing more significant than the importance of integrity and honesty…lessons I’m trying to pass on to my son.

What song are you obsessed with these days?

I’m loving Artic Monkeys, “Do I Wanna Know” right now.

What inspired your outfit today?

I’m wearing flip-flops, board shorts and a T-shirt. Comfort is my inspiration.

Who is your favorite person right now?

My son. He’s 20 months old and his personality is really starting to come out. He doesn’t talk quite yet (at least not in any language I understand) but you can still tell that he is a sweet, outgoing kid that is really cool…but then again, I’m dad so of course I think he’s awesome.

What do you love the most about what you do?

I love to perform and I love to entertain people, and I love that this job affords me that opportunity. The best part about this job however is all of the interesting people I get to meet. From crew members to other talent to people in the community.

If you could sum up yourself in 3 words, what would they be?

Well I can’t say modest because that wouldn’t be very modest of me would it. So let’s go with FUNNY, ATHLETIC, KIND.

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