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8 Tips from Mat Sanders on Incorporating Patterns

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    8 Tips from Mat Sanders on Incorporating Patterns

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      8 Tips from Mat Sanders on Incorporating Patterns

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      July 21, 2018

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It’s easier than one might think to go from tasteful to tragedy when decorating your home. No one wants to live in a home that lacks personality, but filling a space with tones and patterns that come together without feeling overwhelming can be a challenge. To help bring an eye-catching aesthetic into your home, interior designer Mat Sanders has some tips for successfully adding patterns to your space without overwhelming your senses.

1. Play with scale

Incorporate varying scales to the space so that the prints don’t compete with one another. Sticking with the rule of three, pick one large, one medium and one small pattern to work with.


2. It’s a balancing act

Mix in patterns with solids. This is an easy way to soften and ground the look.

3. Size matters

Large patterns are great for a wall or area rug and keep small patterns on smaller pieces.

4. Stick with a consistent hue

Within your color palette, use colors with consistent intensities.

5. Spread the love

The key to making patterns work is to carry it throughout the entire room, not just one part of it.


6. The wow-factor

Try making one pattern the main feature. Create an accent wall with a geometric wallpaper or place a vibrant rug in a neutral bathroom for an unexpected bold touch!

7. Break the rules

Mix it up and trust your taste. If it looks good to you, go for it!

8. Tie it all together with accessories

Whether through flowers, books or decorative objects, mirroring the same colors in other areas will help the pattern in the space look and feel more unified and well-thought-out.

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