Season 11 (20)

2 Seasons | 40 Episodes

Episode 20 Duluth Drama (#1120)
S 11 E 20

Duluth Drama (#1120)

Aired on Jan 22, 2022

Joni and Steve’s relationship is rooted in their love of the arts. After beating breast cancer, Joni re-evaluated what she wanted out of life, and with Steve’s help, committed to developing her own theater company. After years of hard work, their pet project became a respected company in the Atlanta area theatrical community. Then the pandemic hit, and with no audiences to entertain, Joni and Steve’s passion project fizzled out. With retirement around the corner, they want to sell their house and use the equity to fund their theater’s post-pandemic reopening. But to make their theatrical dreams a reality, Joni and Steve need to get top dollar on their home. Unfortunately, the potential buyer’s reviews of their listing have been nothing but rotten. Now, it’s up to Tanya to get their dated house ready for the spotlight.

Episode 19 Bland Bachelor Pad
S 11 E 19

Bland Bachelor Pad

Aired on Jan 22, 2022

Scott purchased his Cumming, Georgia home to provide stability for daughter, Kendall, and son Michael, following his divorce. But now that the kids are headed off to college, the four-bedroom home is way too much house for Scott and his girlfriend, Susi. The problem is the potential buyers can’t see this listing’s potential because of Scott’s spartan style. The home’s curb appeal consists of a circle of sad pine straw, the kitchen is devoid of decor, and the first-floor furniture is the definition of barebones. So while Scott is away on a business trip, Susi and Scott’s son Michael want to get the house in shape to sell, but they’re stuck dealing with a blank canvas. So they’ve called in Tanya Memme to help make this bachelor pad beautiful before Scott arrives home.

Episode 18 Decluttering Decatur
S 11 E 18

Decluttering Decatur

Aired on Jan 15, 2022

Charlie and Owen have been trying to move out of their Decatur starter home for months. One look at their two-bedroom home is all it takes to see that the couple and their two-year-old daughter Valkyrie have outgrown the space. Unfortunately, luck has not been in Owen and Charlie’s favor. Immediately after putting their house on the market, a tree fell through the roof of their home. To make matters worse, Owen sustained a severe ankle injury while working on the house. After months of coping with the cramped living space, their dated house is a cluttered mess. Can Tanya help this couple class up their unkempt home, or is this listing a lost cause?

Episode 17 Technicolor in Tucker
S 11 E 17

Technicolor in Tucker

Aired on Jan 15, 2022

A home’s design reflects the homeowner’s personality, and Sofia’s Tucker, Georgia townhome is no exception. The vibrant colors and eclectic decor are the perfect complements to Sophia’s bold and vivacious personality. Unfortunately, Sophia needs to move out of state for work, and airlifting her home across the country isn’t an option. So she needs to make a sale fast! The problem is, her hyper-personal style is proving to be a deterrent to potential buyers. Can Tanya temper Sofia’s attachment to her bold style, or will this homeowner’s devotion to her design be too much to handle?

Episode 16 Flipping Out in Woodstock (#1116)
S 11 E 16

Flipping Out in Woodstock (#1116)

Purchasing a worn-out home can be an exciting real estate opportunity, but success is far from guaranteed. And first-time homeowner Javier is finding that out the hard way! Javier and his father, Fernando, have spent hundreds of hours renovating his Woodstock, Georgia investment property. They’ve moved the fireplace, replaced the cabinets, and installed hardwood floors. Still, after all that hard work, Javier’s listing hasn’t had a hint of interest from potential buyers. In this red hot market, that’s a huge red flag. With his funds running out, Javier’s investment is teetering on the edge of becoming a money pit. Can Tanya and her team help this fledgling investor redesign his listing and save this failing flip from becoming a flop?

Episode 15 The Acworth Eight
S 11 E 15

The Acworth Eight

Aired on Aug 16, 2021

After living in their Acworth, Georgia home for eighteen years, Tanya and Alex are ready for a change. But there’s a catch: they have eight children! Tanya is constantly wrangling the kids, and Alex works long hours to provide for the family, so there isn’t much time left over for home improvements. And this home needs it! Their curb appeal is worn out, the living space is poorly defined, and the kitchen is hopelessly lost in the 1980s. Can the other Tanya–Memme–help this large family fix up their home, or will this listing linger on the market for another two decades?

Episode 14 Colossal Colonial Conundrum
S 11 E 14

Colossal Colonial Conundrum

Aired on Aug 09, 2021

Sharon and Matt Mathews are facing a problem that every child dreads: settling the estate of a parent that has passed on. Unfortunately, their situation has been made even more difficult by the state of Sharon’s late parent’s home. After a half dozen emotionally draining estate sales, the massive Colonial is an out-of-date mess and still chock-full of personal items–and Sharon is too worn down to make the design changes necessary to get a fair price for her listing. Will Tanya be able to navigate the emotional minefield and transcend the out-of-date design? Or will the memories of the past endure, making this an everlasting colossal conundrum?

Episode 13 The Bold and Blue
S 11 E 13

The Bold and Blue

Aired on Aug 02, 2021

Jon Frank and Selena are the parents of a blended family of four children and expect to adopt a fifth child soon. But while Jon Frank and Selena are ready to welcome another child into their family, they’re limited by space. Unfortunately, selling this pad hasn’t been an easy process–the clashing color palette and eclectic decor have deterred potential buyers from making a serious offer. Can Tanya unify this listing’s disparate style choices, or will Jon Frank and Selena’s adoption dreams be indefinitely put on hold?

Episode 12 Stuck in the Seventies
S 11 E 12

Stuck in the Seventies

Aired on Jul 26, 2021

The Reed family is ready for a change. Pfiffer and Corey moved out of downtown Atlanta and purchased their Roswell, Georgia home less than a year ago. The suburban location’s large yards and ample green spaces seemed like a perfect fit for the young couple and their 6-year-old son Niles. But, after a year of small-town living, the Reeds have realized that they aren’t cut out for country life and have set their sights on a move to San Francisco. Unfortunately, housing prices in the Bay Area are triple the cost of metro Atlanta, so these new homeowners need to get a solid return on their investment if they want to finance their next home. However, after weeks of lowball offers, the Reed family is in dire need of expert real estate advice!

Episode 11 Grey in Georgia
S 11 E 11

Grey in Georgia

Aired on Jul 19, 2021

Mark and Allisa’s last year has been an emotional rollercoaster. The couple met and fell in love just over a year ago and after a brief courtship, Allisa moved into Mark’s Marietta home. Allisa works in the art department on feature films in Atlanta, and Mark was thrilled to have her start redesigning his house. But Just as the work got started, tragedy struck. Allisa was diagnosed with a life-threatening brain tumor. After a six-hour emergency surgery to release the pressure on her brain, doctors were able to save her life. The terrifying experience has refocused the young couple’s priorities. Now, Allisa and Mark want to sell the home and move back into the city. However, managing Allisa’s condition has taken up the time they need to fix up the house, and what had been a bonding project has become a burden. Can Tanya revive this rushed renovation?

Episode 10 Faux Farmhouse
S 11 E 10

Faux Farmhouse

Aired on Jul 12, 2021

Depersonalizing a house is hard for any homeowner, but for Pamela and Melvin, their Lithia Springs, Georgia home represents the love they have for a child they’ve lost. 25 years ago, the couple’s seven-year-old son Cody died in a tragic accident. Despite the memories this home holds, with retirement around the corner Pamela and Melvin know it’s time for them to sell. After several false starts at getting their faux farmhouse on the market, the couple realizes that they need help if they are ever going to get the asking price they require to buy the actual farmhouse of their dreams. Can Tanya help these grandparents depersonalize this funky space and help Pamela and Melvin find a buyer?

Episode 9 Bad in Burgundy
S 11 E 9

Bad in Burgundy

Aired on Jul 05, 2021

Janet is in a tough situation; her husband Dermit has a chronic back injury and can’t handle the stairs in their Marietta home. The couple knows it’s time to sell, but they can’t afford their next house until they sell their current home. However, finding a buyer for a house that hasn’t been updated since the family moved in three decades ago is a difficult task. Janet and Dermit know that if they are gonna get a fair price for their primary asset, the house needs a serious redesign. Unfortunately, Dermit injured himself while working on the house and had to be rushed into emergency surgery. Now Janet is stuck trying to sell a half-finished house without her husband’s support. Will Tanya be able to hook the buyers online, or is this home beyond help?

Episode 8 Cluttered in the Country
S 11 E 8

Cluttered in the Country

Aired on Jun 28, 2021

When David and Mellissa first purchased their Roswell, Georgia home, it was perfect for their blended family of four. But over the past five years, their needs have changed and the home they once loved has become a burden. After their youngest was born, the couple started looking for a larger home, but their plans were derailed after David was injured in a car crash. While undergoing treatment, he was diagnosed with kidney disease. Now, David’s dialysis supplies have taken up what little room the home had to spare, and they are even more desperate to find a buyer. Will Tanya be able to get this house in shape to sell?

Episode 7 Runaway Roswell Realtors
S 11 E 7

Runaway Roswell Realtors

Aired on Jun 21, 2021

James and Lyn purchased their Roswell, Georgia house 30 years ago. They raised their 3 sons in the home, and it has come to represent all of the success they worked so hard for in their adopted country. Despite their love of the house, the empty nesters know that it’s time for them to move on. Unfortunately, James’ design style hasn’t evolved in the last three decades. Six realtors have refused to list the home unless Lyn and James make serious changes. Still, the couple is resistant to making any updates. Can Tanya convince them to commit to updating their home, or will they be stuck in this empty nest for another 30 years?

Episode 6 Mess in Marietta
S 11 E 6

Mess in Marietta

Aired on Jun 14, 2021

Jordan and his brothers inherited their father’s home after his sudden passing last year, and they’re now stuck with an unsellable house. The home is filled with his father’s heavy furniture, dated design, ancient wallpaper and countless memories for Jason and his mother, Tina. Tanya has just three days to take this house out of the 80’s and entice potential buyers to see this home’s potential.

Episode 5 Wrighting a Wrong
S 11 E 5

Wrighting a Wrong

Aired on Jun 07, 2021

After slogging through a recent divorce, Sara Wright and her kids are looking for a change of scenery, but finding a buyer for their house has been a burden. With water damage on the ceiling, a worn out kitchen and an exterior covered in grime, Tanya knows everything about this house is wrong for potential buyers. Can she help this single mom and teacher out, and take this house from decayed to dazzling in just three days?

Episode 4 Worn Out in Woodstock
S 11 E 4

Worn Out in Woodstock

Aired on May 31, 2021

Tanya comes to the rescue of a first responder and widower, struggling to balance his responsibilities as a single parent with the realities of selling his house. Jason and his two daughters are looking to relocate and start somewhere new, but selling this dark and unkempt home has been a burden. Unfortunately, Jason’s 90-minute commute to and from work doesn’t leave him any time to get his house into shape to sell. Can Tanya help to brighten up their home and find a buyer?

Episode 3 Bachelor Pad Blues
S 11 E 3

Bachelor Pad Blues

Aired on May 24, 2021

What do you get when you take a single man with a bachelor’s design sense and put him in a 3-bedroom house with two dogs? A horrible online listing! Thomas’s Woodstock, Georgia home would be perfect for a young family, but his barren design “aesthetic” puts off potential buyers. Can Tanya turn this house into a family-friendly home buyers are looking for? Or is it too late for Thomas to change his ways and take his listing from barren to beautiful?

Episode 2 Mid-Century Modern Miracle
S 11 E 2

Mid-Century Modern Miracle

Aired on May 24, 2021

Major Masse has been through a lot of change in the past year. The young professional purchased a house, finalized a divorce, and underwent surgery to transition to his true male gender. Throughout all of his struggles, Major’s 90 year-old grandmother, Betty, has been his support system. Now that her health is declining, Major wants to move in with Betty and return the lifetime of love she has shown him. But to do that, he needs to find a buyer for his Venetian Hills home. However, Major will be the first to tell you that he is no designer! If this 1950’s bungalow has any chance of selling, Tanya will have to pull off a Mid-century modern miracle and take this home back to its design roots.

Episode 1 Grant Park Predicament
S 11 E 1

Grant Park Predicament

Aired on May 17, 2021

Grant Park is one of the fastest-growing neighborhoods in the Atlanta Metro area, but Audrey Snipes’ home is proof that even the best location can’t overcome an overgrown lawn and out-of-place design. Audrey needs to sell fast so she can move to South Carolina, where her mother is undergoing treatment for Parkinson’s. But despite the urgency of her situation, Audrey and her mother won’t even consider lowering the price of their beloved home to make the sale. Can Tanya elevate the design and get this family an offer they’ll accept?

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