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Episode 8 The Fireplace Blues
S 10 E 8

The Fireplace Blues

Aired on Sep 14, 2020

Tanya Memme hopes to come to the rescue of a first responder and his wife, who are selling their Pennsylvania digs and retiring cross-country. Problem is, the couple has already purchased their Pacific Northwest retirement home and are severely tapping into their nest egg! The curb appeal and backyard Koi pond are huge selling features, but potential buyers are stuck on the home’s mismatched, masculine paint colors, and strange layout. Tanya and her team have two days to turn it all around, but if they fail, carrying two mortgages will continue to put these soon-to-be retirees deeper into the hole.

Episode 7 Miracle on Hidden Acres
S 10 E 7

Miracle on Hidden Acres

Aired on Sep 07, 2020

After dozens of showings, a Texas home has struck out with buyers for over 90 days. The home lacks curb appeal and the interior feels dated and dark. With the next open house just 2 days away, host Tanya Memme and her team have to revitalize this property in a pinch. Can a fresh coat of paint and an outdoor makeover give this house the wow potential that buyers are looking for?

Episode 6 Personal Hang-Ups
S 10 E 6

Personal Hang-Ups

Aired on Jun 15, 2020

For over 160 days, buyers have passed by this beauty online and in person because of the boring beige walls, questionable personal touches throughout the home, and the confusing backyard. Host Tanya Memme and the team only have two days to depersonalize and add the pizzazz this home needs to blow buyers away.

Episode 5 Austin Clutter Limits
S 10 E 5

Austin Clutter Limits

Aired on Jun 08, 2020

Host Tanya Memme heads to Austin, TX to see if she can unmask a problem-home’s hidden charm. Online, the photos show a crisp and clean space. In person, the house has become a total mess, with stuff EVERYWHERE. This house has been on the market for 120 days and has BIG potential, but has gotten zero offers. Tanya and the team need all the luck they can get to take this home from humdrum to high-end.

Episode 4 Nightmare on Windsong Trail
S 10 E 4

Nightmare on Windsong Trail

Aired on Jun 01, 2020

Tanya Memme and her team help a family in major need of a refresh. While listed well below the average home price for the area, this spooky house does not have a single offer after 60 days on the market! Along with the lack of curb appeal, the online photos show a dark and cluttered home, and potential buyers cannot shake this hellishly haunted feeling. This house needs all the help it can get! With the next open house only 4 days away, Tanya isn’t sure she has enough time to turn this home from dreary to dreamy.

Episode 3 If The House Is A-Round Rockin
S 10 E 3

If The House Is A-Round Rockin

Aired on May 25, 2020

Tanya Memme comes to the rescue of mother-son homeowners whose large house just can’t sell. Online, this home hits all the right notes including a lovely location. But in person, the yellow and brown walls and musical instruments all over the house turn off potential buyers. Can the team make these tired spaces sing in time for the next open house?

Episode 2 Seeing the Light
S 10 E 2

Seeing the Light

Aired on May 18, 2020

Tanya Memme and her team set out to rescue a home that has been on the market for over 150 days without a buyer in site! The online photos show a crisp and clean home and yard. But in person the entranceway is dark and depressing, the colors are outdated, the mismatched furniture needs a facelift and the yard is a disaster. Will lightening up the walls and adding bling to this boring home give this property the wow factor it needs to sell?

Episode 1 Wrapped Up in Wallpaper
S 10 E 1

Wrapped Up in Wallpaper

Aired on May 18, 2020

Host Tanya Memme has her hands full trying to save a Texas home that has attracted interest online with its sweet and old-fashioned charm, but still has zero offers. So, what’s holding buyers back from buying this charming bungalow? Could it be the century old water-stained wallpaper? Tanya and the team have less than three days to polish this old antique into a sparkling gem that buyers want to call their own.

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