Season 10 (18)

2 Seasons | 32 Episodes

Episode 20 North Philly Forest
S 10 E 20

North Philly Forest

Aired on Apr 12, 2021

If you thought selling a home was hard, try doing it from 1,200 miles away! April has been trying to find a buyer for her turn of the century Chestnut Hill home for nine months without a single offer in sight. Unfortunately, the house isn’t aging well on the market. After sitting vacant for a year, April’s front yard is so out of control that it’s threatening to consume her entire house! Can Tanya weed out the competition and make this listing stand out in a super competitive market?

Episode 19 Pretty in Pink
S 10 E 19

Pretty in Pink

Aired on Apr 05, 2021

Single father Patrick Hutton and his daughter Solana moved out of their West Philly row home two years ago, but they can’t move on until they find a buyer. Patrick tried unsuccessfully to fix the home himself, and then employed a revolving door of contractors that promised–but failed–to draw the eyes of potential buyers. So he’s been stuck paying two mortgages for over 700 days! Can Tanya and her team make this place pop with pink, or will Patrick shy away from the bold color choices his home needs to stand out?

Episode 18 Colossal Castle Conundrum
S 10 E 18

Colossal Castle Conundrum

Aired on Mar 29, 2021

Pat Carey lives in her dream home; a literal castle in Rydal Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, the massive home has become too much for her to keep up with, and she’s decided to sell. But finding a buyer has been a nightmare. The home has been on the market for 590 days without an offer! The landscaping is out of control, and the decor is straight out of the dark ages! Will Tanya be able to make this listing fit for a king, or will the Carey’s hopes for a sale be crushed?

Episode 17 Stuck in Stucco
S 10 E 17

Stuck in Stucco

Aired on Mar 29, 2021

This unstaged New Jersey home has over 1,200 views on its online listing but hasn’t fielded an offer in over 200 days! Buyers are clearly overwhelmed by the pink fireplace and the dark foyer, and nary a soul can figure out what to do with the buttered-popcorn-colored-two-story-stucco exterior! Tanya Memme and her team have big plans to make this house pop in person and in the online photos, but with a tropical storm in the forecast, will the plans weather the storm?

Episode 16 Potbelly Problems
S 10 E 16

Potbelly Problems

Aired on May 10, 2021

Mike and Cheryl are facing a real-life crisis. The couple fell on hard times after Cheryl was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and Mike was injured and lost his job. To get their finances back on track, they put their home on the market but they haven’t had a single serious offer in over nine months. Unable to pay the mortgage, the family is facing foreclosure and financial ruin. If they don’t sell in 30 days, their home will be put up for auction. Can Tanya redesign this now-abandoned home and find a buyer before this family loses everything?

Episode 15 Bland in Bristol
S 10 E 15

Bland in Bristol

Aired on May 03, 2021

Bristol is an idyllic small town on the banks of the Delaware River with a booming real estate market. Yet somehow Melissa has had her home on the market for over 60 days without a single hint of interest from potential buyers. With the new school year fast approaching, Melissa needs to start her search for a new home fast, but she can’t begin the hunt until she frees up the equity from her current home. Hooking a buyer, however, may be difficult since Melissa’s home is entirely dedicated to her children’s interests. Can Tanya convince Melissa and her fam to buy into the new plan?

Episode 14 Row Home Relic
S 10 E 14

Row Home Relic

Aired on Apr 26, 2021

Yolanda has poured her heart and soul into her Mayfair row home. Now though, with retirement around the corner, the grandmother of four wants to move to New York City to be closer to her daughter, Natalie, and the rest of the family. But before she can move, Yolanda needs to sell her home–and therein lies the rub: Yolanda’s Abraham Lincoln-loving taste is distracting buyers from the brand new kitchen and pristine floors. Can Tanya convince Yolanda to let go of her affinity for things past, in order to get this home sold?

Episode 13 Shagadelic Split Level
S 10 E 13

Shagadelic Split Level

Aired on Apr 19, 2021

Amy Crescenzo wants to move her elderly mother in with her husband Drew and daughter Lexi. Problem is, their three-bedroom home isn’t big enough for the four of them. But there’s good and bad news. The good is the Crescenzo’s Bustleton neighborhood is experiencing a buying boom; the bad is that the home’s interior is so dated and worn down that the family hasn’t had a single interested buyer in 72 days! Can Tanya convince the Crescenzo’s to clear out their seventies shag carpet and make the bold design choices this home needs to bring in a buyer?

Episode 12 Sunroom Showstopper
S 10 E 12

Sunroom Showstopper

Aired on Oct 12, 2020

This Cherry Hill, New Jersey home has been on the market for over 75 days. Hundreds of people have looked at the home’s online photos, and they seem to love the sunroom, but all the buyers see is work, work, work! The house feels dated, and it looks like it will take mounds of money to upgrade it. With the next virtual Open House just two days away, can Tanya Memme and her team inject a wow factor that buyers are looking for?

Episode 11 Leaving the Nest
S 10 E 11

Leaving the Nest

Aired on Oct 05, 2020

Ready to downgrade to a smaller home, this Bucks County, PA homeowner, is in desperate need of help to get her house ready to sell! Tanya Memme and her team have their hands full though, as Arlene has twenty years of memories within these walls and, understandably, is having a hard time letting go. At every turn, Arlene is skeptical, wondering aloud if Tanya’s master plan is going to help sell the house. Can the team convince this proud homeowner to trust the process to help get her top dollar in this booming real estate market?

Episode 10 Row Home Revamp
S 10 E 10

Row Home Revamp

Aired on Sep 28, 2020
If you thought selling a home was hard, try selling it from 3,000 miles away! This Manayunk, PA beauty is proof positive: it's been on the market for a whopping 200 days! Due to the pandemic, the owners aren't able to fly back from their new home in Southern California to make the necessary revamps. Now their home is wilting through the Pennsylvania summer. Can Tanya and her design team get this house sold for a family stranded on the other side of the country?
Episode 9 Viva La Victorian
S 10 E 9

Viva La Victorian

Aired on Sep 21, 2020

This 100-year old Victorian home has been on the market for almost 240 days, and in red hot real estate market Jenkintown, PA, this stasis speaks volumes. The home looks just as tired and worn down in person as it does in its online photos! With only two days until the next open house, can a smart kitchen update, new paint, and updated lighting transform this one-time masterpiece into an alluring, modern abode buyers are yearning for?

Episode 8 The Fireplace Blues
S 10 E 8

The Fireplace Blues

Aired on Sep 14, 2020

Tanya Memme hopes to come to the rescue of a first responder and his wife, who are selling their Pennsylvania digs and retiring cross-country. Problem is, the couple has already purchased their Pacific Northwest retirement home and are severely tapping into their nest egg! The curb appeal and backyard Koi pond are huge selling features, but potential buyers are stuck on the home’s mismatched, masculine paint colors, and strange layout. Tanya and her team have two days to turn it all around, but if they fail, carrying two mortgages will continue to put these soon-to-be retirees deeper into the hole.

Episode 7 Miracle on Hidden Acres
S 10 E 7

Miracle on Hidden Acres

Aired on Sep 07, 2020

After dozens of showings, a Texas home has struck out with buyers for over 90 days. The home lacks curb appeal and the interior feels dated and dark. With the next open house just 2 days away, host Tanya Memme and her team have to revitalize this property in a pinch. Can a fresh coat of paint and an outdoor makeover give this house the wow potential that buyers are looking for?

Episode 6 Personal Hang-Ups
S 10 E 6

Personal Hang-Ups

Aired on Jun 15, 2020

For over 160 days, buyers have passed by this beauty online and in person because of the boring beige walls, questionable personal touches throughout the home, and the confusing backyard. Host Tanya Memme and the team only have two days to depersonalize and add the pizzazz this home needs to blow buyers away.

Episode 5 Austin Clutter Limits
S 10 E 5

Austin Clutter Limits

Aired on Jun 08, 2020

Host Tanya Memme heads to Austin, TX to see if she can unmask a problem-home’s hidden charm. Online, the photos show a crisp and clean space. In person, the house has become a total mess, with stuff EVERYWHERE. This house has been on the market for 120 days and has BIG potential, but has gotten zero offers. Tanya and the team need all the luck they can get to take this home from humdrum to high-end.

Episode 2 Seeing the Light
S 10 E 2

Seeing the Light

Aired on May 18, 2020

Tanya Memme and her team set out to rescue a home that has been on the market for over 150 days without a buyer in site! The online photos show a crisp and clean home and yard. But in person the entranceway is dark and depressing, the colors are outdated, the mismatched furniture needs a facelift and the yard is a disaster. Will lightening up the walls and adding bling to this boring home give this property the wow factor it needs to sell?

Episode 1 Wrapped Up in Wallpaper
S 10 E 1

Wrapped Up in Wallpaper

Aired on May 18, 2020

Host Tanya Memme has her hands full trying to save a Texas home that has attracted interest online with its sweet and old-fashioned charm, but still has zero offers. So, what’s holding buyers back from buying this charming bungalow? Could it be the century old water-stained wallpaper? Tanya and the team have less than three days to polish this old antique into a sparkling gem that buyers want to call their own.

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