Snooki Shares How To Be a Boss Lady and Kick-Ass Mom

As if being a mom isn’t hard enough, try adding celebrity and interior design into the mix. We got the chance to catch up with supermom and decor diva Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi to see how she handles it all.

How do you stay connected to home while traveling for work? Scheduled calls, FaceTime sessions?

I try not to travel a lot so scheduling trips as less as possible is my first step! But when I do travel to L.A. for a week I always use FaceTime with the kids just so they don’t forget about me!

Would you call Jionni a “Mr. Mom”?

Yes and no. He does everything I would do — wash the kids, dress them, change diapers. But he’s such a man and dad about it that I just consider him a hands-on awesome dad.

What responsibilities does Jionni take on at home? Is he the neat-freak? Does he do the dishes?

JIONNI is the neat-freak in our relationship. I’m more sloppy and unorganized but I’ve become so much better ever since becoming a mother. JIONNI will do the dishes and clean if I take forever to get it done. He’s great.

If you had to guess, who is the better cook: You or Jionni?

JIONNI hands down. I’m still learning and getting better but my husband is such a good cook.

What advice would you give new moms that have to travel for work a lot?

Even though it sucks being away from your kids, remember that you are working your ASS off to provide your kids with the best life possible and in the end they will admire you and love you so much for that. Be a boss lady and a kick ass mom.

Make sure to check out Nicole and Jionni’s Shore Flip on Wednesdays at 9/8c to see more of the DIY couple in action!

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