LoveIsLove: Raquel and Justin

Since the launch of Bride & Prejudice, many fans have shared their personal experiences of love in the face of adversity. We reached out to a few couples and asked them to tell their stories. We’ve seen that with love comes strength, that love comes in many forms, and, ultimately, love is defined by those who are in love… and no one else. #loveislove.

Cutie couple Raquel and Justin are proof that if you focus on yourself, love will follow. The two athletes became friends after their Muay Thai coach set them up as sparring partners at the gym.

Their relationship grew from fighting to friendship, and they eventually started dating, but the couple almost immediately faced hateful comments on (no surprise) social media. Raquel took the prejudice to heart.

“Thinking about it sometimes is painful,” she shared. “For a while, I was scared to post a picture again.”

She sought advice from her family who told her to take pride in the relationship and not give in to closed-minded people. The words of support helped her get past the negativity and the couple has been going strong for two years.

And Justin simply feels blessed to have met Raquel. “I have a beautiful girlfriend and she does Muay Thai,” he laughs.

Check out more of their story and share your stories of love conquering all with #loveislove.

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