Nick of 'MAFS' Talks About His Initial Thoughts of His Wife

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    Nick of 'MAFS' Talks About His Initial Thoughts of His Wife

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      Thad Morgan

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      Nick of 'MAFS' Talks About His Initial Thoughts of His Wife

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      May 25, 2018

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The journey for Nick and Sonia has been a tough one on Married at First Sight, but they’ve ended up in a much better place than when they started. After several disagreements and arguments, leading to Sonia moving out of their house, they still were able to begin piecing their relationship back together with the help of the experts. But Nick still has a way to go to completely earn back the trust of Sonia.

Nick hit all the right notes on the couple’s second honeymoon, just one week before they decide whether or not they’d like to stay married. But we’ll still have to see if it was enough to make the experiment a success for the couple. We asked Nick a few questions to better understand why he agreed to the experiment and what he thought of Sonia after they first met.

What made you decide to get married at first sight?

I tried everything else in the book and the thought of having experts match me with someone gave me a lot of confidence in the process.

Have you seen the show before? If so, what were your initial thoughts?

I watched a couple episodes but never watched a full season. I always thought it would be a fun and unique way to be matched and married.

What did you take away from your aunt and uncles loving relationship? Did it have an effect on the type of relationship that you were looking for?

Their relationship definitely had an impact on me. They were high school sweethearts and literally knew every inch of each other’s personality and how to respond to each other; during both stressful and easy going times.

What were your first thoughts when you saw your spouse at the altar?

That she looked beautiful in her dress.

What were 3 of the main characteristics that you looked for in a spouse?

Good intentions in this experiment and someone I could joke around with that could not only take it but dish it back.

Did you have a relationship role model before you entered the experiment, and if you did who was it?

Probably my Uncle Bill and Aunt Debbie. They had what I would consider an ideal marriage.

Describe your spouse in 3 words.

Stubborn (but not more than me), emotional (in good and bad aspects) and caring.

What did you take away from the experiment?

That marriage is not hard, but definitely not easy. Sometimes it makes sense to rewind, apologize, start from scratch and move forward.

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