'MAFS' Sonia Reveals the Type of Spouse She Was Looking For

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    'MAFS' Sonia Reveals the Type of Spouse She Was Looking For

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      Thad Morgan

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      'MAFS' Sonia Reveals the Type of Spouse She Was Looking For

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      May 24, 2018

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For Married at First Sight hopefuls Sonia and Nick, things have been pretty tough in recent weeks. After a nasty back-and-forth between the two, that ended with Nick telling Sonia that he didn’t find her attractive, she moved out of their home with Nick’s dogs giving him the closest thing to a goodbye.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Sonia’s meeting with Pastor Calvin revealed that she and Nick had consummated their relationship but lied about it, adding another layer to their parfait of problems. To get to the bottom of why this couple just can’t see eye-to-eye, we asked Sonia a few questions about the type of man she was looking for and why she decided to participate in the experiment.

What made you decide to get married at first sight?

I was done with the dating scene and I felt like I was at a great age to get married… Or maybe a little late! Lol

Have you seen the show before? If so, what were your initial thoughts?

I’ve watched the show from the first season. I always thought it was great and I was amused by the matching process the couples have to go through. It is so interesting to see each couple’s journey throughout the experiment.

Did growing up in a Hispanic household affect what you look for in a relationship?

Hispanics tend to be more affectionate than other cultures, so I would enjoy being with a partner who shows affection like hugging, kissing, holding hands, etc.

Did your parents affect the type of spouse that you were looking for?

My parents definitely affected the type of spouse I was looking for. I look up to my father very much. I feel he is the ultimate husband, father and man so being with anything less would not be okay. It also might be the reason I was still single at 33. I also recall watching my mom nag my dad a lot and I remember thinking “oh man, I never want to do that to my husband.” This backfired on me now, because I sometimes shut down instead of speaking up about a situation for fear of being perceived as a nag.

What were your first thoughts when you saw your spouse at the altar?

I thought he was handsome and that he had great style.

What were 3 of the main characteristics that you looked for in a spouse?

Humor, honesty and attractiveness.

Did you have a relationship role model before you entered the experiment, and if you did who was it?

I always looked up to my dad because he is an amazing man.

Describe your spouse in 3 words.

Funny, flirty and handsome.

What did you take away from the experiment?

I realized that I’m braver than I thought and that I have the most amazing and supportive family of all time. They back me up in all my crazy decisions 100% without placing judgment.

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