'MAFS' Lillian is All About Professionalism and PDA

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    'MAFS' Lillian is All About Professionalism and PDA

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      Thad Morgan

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      'MAFS' Lillian is All About Professionalism and PDA

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      May 25, 2018

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Both language and emotional barriers were broken on the most recent episode of Married at First Sight. As Tom got to know more about Lillian (through a conversation that was almost lost in translation with her mother), Lillian found out some critical info about Tom from his mom. Not only is Tom a free spirit, but he’s also an attention seeker; two attributes that directly conflict with Lillian’s perfectionism and dedication to work.

Tom and Lillian both have a lot to learn about one another, but they’ve taken on every conflict that’s come their way in stride. But some may wonder how two people that seem so different were matched in the first place. We were able to ask Lillian a few questions to find out what she was looking for in a husband and why such a structured person would ever sign up to be married at first sight.

What made you decide to get married at first sight?

What pushed me to get married at first sight was the fact that I hadn’t had any luck dating here in Miami. I really tried everything.

I was also at a point in my life where everything else was going great but I was missing one thing and that was my partner in crime, someone with whom I could build a life with and find that love I was seeking. 

Have you seen the show before? If so, what were your initial thoughts?

I have. I learned about the show when my best friend told me they would be here in Miami and I should apply. That’s when the binge watching started; after seeing season 1, I knew it could work solely from what I saw there. It’s an interesting concept, getting married to a stranger and meeting them at the altar, but what intrigued me the most was the amount of testing that came with it, assessments and evaluations and of course I had restraints and concerns, but I also knew there was a new panel of experts and that they truly were looking to find good matches that would potentially stay together.

Did growing up in Nicaragua affect what you look for in a relationship?

Definitely. I realized I did not want a machismo type of man, I wanted a sweet, caring loving soul.

What do you like about PDA (public displays of affection)? Why did you call out that characteristic specifically when looking for a spouse?

I love PDA. I’m very touchy feely and want a guy that is good with holding my hand, random kisses, and maybe even an ass grab here and there. I think PDA should be playful and fun.

What were your first thoughts when you saw your spouse at the altar?

I was very excited to see him for the first time, and seeing his initial smile told me we both felt the same.

What were 3 of the main characteristics that you looked for in a spouse?

Loyal, honest, loving 

Describe your spouse in 3 words.

Funny, easy going, caring

What did you take away from the experiment?

That being a good spouse isn’t easy and neither is marriage. It takes a lot of work to make a marriage work and it’s not 50-50 its 100-100. You give 100% and expect 0 in return and the other person gives 100% and expects 0.

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