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5 Wallpaper Trends for 2017

2017 Wallpaper
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    5 Wallpaper Trends for 2017

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      MacKenzie Kassab

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      5 Wallpaper Trends for 2017

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      July 21, 2018

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Life’s too short to live with boring walls. Five wallpaper trends will make 2017 the year your house reaches its full potential.


2017 Wallpaper FeaturedPhoto Courtesy of Bluebellgray

Greenery — a crisp lemon-lime shade — has the coveted title of Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year. It’s already making its presence known in textiles, but true trendsetters will want to go bigger than a pair of throw pillows. Stay a step ahead with printed wallpaper featuring Greenery in large swaths or details. The versatile hue pairs well with neutrals, jewel tones and pastels alike.

Tropical Prints

2017 Wallpaper FeaturedPhoto Courtesy of Matthew Williamson x Osborn Little

Tropical wallpaper has been around since the dawn of interior design, but designers keep finding ways to make it fresh. Banana leaves are continuously updated in stylized patterns, while exotic birds have become a staple in bolder prints. No matter which you choose, it’ll never go out of style.

Mixed Metals

2017 Wallpaper FeaturedPhoto Courtesy of Calico Wallpaper

Mixing metals is a designer trick of the trade, and it’s easy to pull off. Start with your walls. Wallpaper in a metallic print creates an ideal backdrop for contrasting metal elements, like floor lamps, tabletop sculptures and decorative bowls. There’s flexibility in this approach. The walls become a space’s foundation, while the overall vibe can be refreshed with pieces in new tones (copper, gold, silver, pewter) and finishes (brushed, polished).

Vintage Modern

2017 Wallpaper FeaturedPhoto Courtesy of Rifle Paper Co x Hygge & West 3

“Contemporary vintage,” a design trend that mixes old and new, gained so much momentum in recent years that it’s already breaking headfirst into 2017. Our favorite way to introduce the look is with wall-coverings that give traditional patterns — toile, for example — a modern twist.


2017 Wallpaper FeaturedPhoto Courtesy of Porter Teleo

Neutral hues have been a décor staple in recent years, with interior designers calling on texture to add interest to otherwise muted rooms. Wallpaper is a great place to start, especially with beautiful options in linen, silk or raffia, or with other choices featuring embossed patterns. They can be terrifyingly unconventional, but we’ll let you in on a secret: Choose the right print, and you can create the illusion of texture with traditional paper.

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