DIY Delightful Holiday Doormats

Downtown Shabby hosts Frank and Sherry Fontana show you a quick, Halloween DIY project that is sure to welcome any guest that comes to your door.

Materials Needed:
– Simple, solid color doormat (local hardware store)
– Chalk
– Fabric paints
– Foam brushes
– Regular brushes
– Stencils or print outs to trace
– Iron-on decals (plus a towel and iron!)

– Use chalk to outline your design. Try stencils or freestyle your designs!
– Paint in the design with fabric paint. Foam brushes work well for larger areas.
– Add iron-on decals for extra design elements.

The Halloween doormat design is an easy project for kids and adults. Buy materials in bulk and invite friends and family over for a doormat decorating session for other holidays.

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