Why Everyone is Falling in Love with Green Coffee

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Every year, a huge food trend (like cronuts) flourishes in New York City, and these days, New Yorkers have become obsessed with green coffee. The organic beverage offers a rich, delightful flavor, it’s easier on the stomach than black coffee and it’s scientifically proven to support weight loss!

Green coffee is actual coffee. The only difference is that the beans aren’t roasted. Light in color, it tastes a bit like herbal tea and coffee combined, and it’s generally enjoyed at room temperature or cold. Most green coffees are lightly sweetened with organic sugar cane, still containing loads of natural caffeine due to the strong brew of unroasted green coffee bean. Best of all, it doesn’t stain your teeth.

As you can imagine, green coffee is also very healthy! It’s naturally rich in chlorogenic acid (CGA) and other antioxidants with no preservatives, acidifiers or additives, not to mention it’s gluten-free, GMO-free, dairy free and Kosher. While green coffee has taken New York City by storm, it’s been known to help weight loss outside of coffee shops across the country. With green coffee, the chlorogenic acids (which are drastically reduced when the coffee is roasted) help lower blood pressure and promote weight loss. Traditionally, green coffee extract has been used as a supplement, not as a beverage, though coffee drinkers are getting the best perks with the trending, organic drink.

While more coffee shops in New York City are beginning to offer green coffee, SunUp, a green coffee company based in the Big Apple, has become the Starbucks of the green coffee world. The company offers the first packaged green coffee sold in dozens of shops and online. A bottle of Sunup offers 285 mg of caffeine, a sweet spot between McDonald’s Iced Coffee—200 mg—and Starbucks drip coffee—330 mg—and tastes as delicious as if it were fresh from a coffee shop.

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