Tiny House Hunting

Tiny House Hunting

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S 1 E 1

Luxury Micro Cabins in Wisconsin

Aired on Dec 22, 2014
Bostonians Gus and Kyle are always on the go juggling busy careers and social lives. This couple craves a tiny, vacation home along the shores of Lake Superior in Northern Wisconsin, where they can escape their hectic lifestyle to enjoy the natural surroundings and quality time with each other.
S 1 E 2

A Tiny Bite of the Big Apple

Aired on Dec 22, 2014
As a licensed real estate salesperson of many years, Jacqueline is hip to New York City's notorious real estate scene. But this time the hunt is personal. Jacqueline and her husband David want to raise their growing family in the city they love, but in a town where the price per square foot can hit $1,000, buying a tiny space is an all out survival tactic. Ingenious design will be key to fitting their soon to be family of four into 650 square feet and as they say--if you can make it tiny here, you can make it tiny anywhere.
S 1 E 3

Portable Micro Homes in Portland

Aired on Dec 29, 2014
Eric Cavizo, an eccentric barbershop owner based in Portland, Oregon, is sick of writing rent checks every month and wants to buy his very first home that he can share with his seven-year-old son, Kaden. But after seeing some of the extraordinary options available, all with modular customizations, Eric is having a tough time trimming down his options. Eric has a big decision on his hands about how tiny he should ultimately go.
S 1 E 4

Tiny Beach Bungalows in Florida

Aired on Dec 29, 2014
Empty nesters Glen and Lawson are looking for the perfect, tiny beachside getaway for themselves and their family. But with five adult kids and two dogs in tow, finding a tiny beach bungalow that accommodates all seven of them and fulfills the other items on their wish list will be quite the challenge.
S 1 E 5

A Tiny House Boat in Seattle

Aired on Jan 05, 2015
Middle School Gym teacher Jason is looking to trade in his comfortable one bedroom Seattle apartment for a tiny floating bachelor pad. But will living in a tiny houseboat mean giving up the party and entertaining space his lifestyle requires? And is life on the water all it's cracked up to be?
S 1 E 6

Going Tiny in the Tetons

Aired on Jan 05, 2015
Erin and Lindsey are outdoor sports fanatics. So it's not a shock that they've targeted Lindsey's hometown of Jackson Hole, Wyoming for their first home purchase. To make their dream affordable, they're looking at a new community of state of the art tiny homes. But will going tiny be a good thing for their ten-year relationship?
S 1 E 7

Tiny Intervention in Cape Cod

Aired on Jan 19, 2015
Cathy tells her partner Andy that she's ready to downsize from their twenty-six hundred square foot lives in Pennsylvania into a tiny Cape Cod cottage near the beach--but much to Andy's dismay she's having trouble walking the talk. When things get real, she wants to take a wrecking ball to every space she sees in order to make it bigger, and that's just not what going tiny is all about. Either her big dreams to renovate get a tiny intervention or Andy gives up his dream to put his toes in the sand.
S 1 E 8

Tiny Retreat in Coastal Maine

Aired on Jan 26, 2015
Celine is a doctor in Portland Maine. Her wife Jac is a sculptor, painter, and creative dynamo. They also invest in tiny rental real estate, mainly to meet the needs of Maine's "summer people". Recently, they've started wondering if they'd be happier trading in their beautiful but demanding 3000 sq. ft. 1920's home for a tiny year-round place of their own. But is 500 square feet big enough for two willful women who each need their own space? A great relationship hangs in the balance.
S 1 E 9

A Tiny Bachelor Pad in Phoenix

Aired on Feb 02, 2015
Matthew, a Phoenix native, is trying to piece his life back together after ending his engagement. He's tired of couch surfing. With the help of his brother Tim, Matthew is determined to be a homeowner. Having decided to go tiny, he's enlisted sisters Lila, an architect, and Jenny, a real estate agent, to help him find the perfect pad. Together, these dual sibling teams are on the hunt for a tiny place that will fit Matthew's bachelor needs.
S 1 E 10

Texas Tiny in Austin

Aired on Feb 09, 2015
Mickey and Catalina are ready to leave their high-rise in downtown Austin for a tiny house just outside the city. They're hoping to find a home that's close to their favorite hiking trail, has enough yard space for their beloved dog, and has a great design aesthetic. But with a wedding on the horizon, this newly engaged couple will have to be extra mindful of their budget!
S 1 E 11

Tiny Living in Nashville

Aired on Feb 16, 2015
John and Sarah, a young and successful couple living in Nashville, have become tiny house enthusiasts. They've embraced a lifestyle in which less is more, and hope to raise their two-year-old daughter on the principles of simple living and valuing experiences over possessions. But local laws prohibit long-term living in tiny houses, and they're not sure if John's desire for a functional kitchen will be at odds with Sarah's budget concerns.
S 1 E 12

Tiny Condos versus Cottages in San Francisco

Aired on Feb 23, 2015
Sara and Andy started out as roommates living together in a rental in San Francisco, but before long, their friendship blossomed into romance. Now, they're finally ready to invest in a place of their own, and with a modest budget, they have their hearts set on going tiny. They've recruited Sara's cousin Jennifer, a local real estate agent, to help find a tiny home for them and their dog. Sara prefers a house with a yard, while Andy advocates for a condo, so there will be a lot of discussion about compromise as they traverse the hills of San Francisco.
S 1 E 13

Tiny and Portable in Portland

Aired on Mar 02, 2015
Originally from Atlanta, Alice moved to Portland after landing her dream job working for a major sporting goods company. As an engineer, she's always been fascinated with efficient living, and as an athlete she's passionate about outdoor sports. With these combined motivations, she's decided to ditch her regular-sized apartment, along with most of her belongings, and opt for a tiny house. Her mom is making the trek from Atlanta to give Alice her trustworthy opinion, and to make sure Alice chooses a home with enough space for guests, including herself!
  • Combining Styles

  • Touring the Blue Cottage

  • Tiny Space, Big Reno

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