Tiny House Hunting

Tiny House Hunting

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  • SEASON 4 17 episodes available
  • SEASON 3 14 episodes available
  • SEASON 2 12 episodes available
  • SEASON 1 13 episodes available

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S 4 E 1

A Moving Decision in Montana

Aired on Jul 15, 2017

Outdoor lovers Ben and Dylan are looking for a tiny home on the range outside of Billings in rural Montana. Ben wants a mobile abode so the couple can move one day without moving out, while Dylan is all about planting roots. One huge decision will have to be made if this couple wants to go tiny in Big Sky Country.

S 4 E 2

A Big Family Goes Tiny in the Shenandoah Valley

Aired on Jul 22, 2017
Brian and Sarah want to leave behind all the work that goes along with having a 4000 square foot home and go tiny so they can spend more time with their three young boys. Can this big Shenandoah Valley family of five find everything they need in a super small space? The hunt is on!
S 4 E 3

Tiny Vacation Sanctuary in Northwest Washington

Aired on Jul 29, 2017

Greg, Heather and their two kids are big time outdoor enthusiasts, and since they live just outside Seattle, there are almost limitless possibilities. They’ve saved up a nest egg for a tiny getaway home where they can unwind, un-plug, explore, and enjoy each other’s’ company. But Northwest Washington offers such a smorgasbord of mountains, forests, rivers, beaches and lakes, that the decision will be harder than they ever imagined.

S 4 E 4

Testing Out Tiny in Texas

Aired on Aug 05, 2017

Newlyweds Britt and Travis have a passion for travel. And with real estate at a premium in the Dallas Fort Worth area, they know they can make a lot of money to put towards their passion if they rent out their 1800 square foot house. But they still need a home base when they’re not on the road, so they’re hoping to find a low maintenance, tiny home that has all the creature comforts they crave.

S 4 E 5

An Expanding Family Downsizes in Austin

Aired on Aug 12, 2017

Austin is definitely the city for Sarah and Albert, but with one toddler and another baby on the way, their high mortgage payments need to go. With the financial future of their growing family in mind, the couple is on the hunt for a budget friendly tiny Texas home! Will they find an affordable Austin abode with room for 4? It’s not gonna be easy!

S 4 E 6

A Tiny New Orleans Collaboration

Aired on Aug 19, 2017

Reggie is an engineer in Seattle, who has a passion for music and has toured the world playing the jazz saxophone. Now Reggie’s ready to lay down musical roots in The Big Easy, and brought along his lifelong friend Faye, to help him find a tiny second home that hits all the right notes.

S 4 E 7

A Tiny Trailblazer in Omaha

Aired on Sep 02, 2017

Rebecca is an adventurous go-getter who is hunting for a tiny home in Omaha, to help simplify her busy life. After a decade living the fast life working in finance in New York and London, she’s launched her own company and is looking to plant roots back in her hometown. She’s got a big wish list for her tiny house, and recruits her business savvy friend, Jake, to help with the hunt.

S 4 E 8

Tiny Living Big Sky Country

Aired on Sep 09, 2017

Susan, Darryl and son Cooper balance their time between the outdoor life they love in Montana and sailing on their boat in Mexico. In order to continue enjoying the best of both worlds the family needs to spend less by going Tiny in Polson. Can Susan, with the help of her wild friend Kim, settle on a Big Sky Country home that will work for a family of three? Let the tiny hunt begin!

S 4 E 9

Twin City Twosome Going Tiny

Aired on Sep 16, 2017
Calvin and Brandon are recent college graduates in Minneapolis, who are ready to take their relationship to the next level and move in together. With student debt and graduate school ahead of them, they know a tiny home will help them economize. But differing opinions on mobile vs. a permanent home might derail their tiny plans.
S 4 E 10

Going Tiny in Tampa Bay

Aired on Sep 23, 2017

Tampa Bay area couple Joel and Kelly want to cut costs by going tiny so Kelly can stay at home with their 8 year old daughter Lola. The problem is that their desire to live near the beach while staying on budget might come with too many sacrifices. Will this family of three be able to find a tiny solution with beach vibes? Time to go hunting!

S 4 E 11

Going Tiny Family Style in Omaha

Aired on Sep 30, 2017

Jeff and Melany have three young daughters, and a determination to go tiny and live sustainably in Omaha, Nebraska. But how do you balance your responsibility to the planet, with your responsibilities as a parent? These are the issues they’ll need to wrestle with as they tour a variety of downtown tinies ranging from ultra modern, to old and charming.

S 4 E 12

Texas Techies Go Tiny

Aired on Oct 07, 2017

Jaimie and Mike live together in a large Austin condo with their many pets. They’re both on board with Mike’s dream to launch his own tech start-up, and to fund it, they’ve agreed to sell their condo, ditch their mortgage, and commit to a tiny, cost-efficient lifestyle. But will they even find a tiny Austin spot that can handle their big dogs, her kitchen necessities, and his stash of books? The hunt is on!

S 4 E 13

A Boulder Tiny Lifestyle

Aired on Oct 14, 2017

Mexican born Hayde and her boyfriend Don love living in Boulder, Colorado. They’re both thrill seekers and outdoor enthusiasts, and have climbed some of the wildest cliff faces in the Rockies and beyond. But they’ve never lived together. All that’s going to change when they give up their rentals, and buy a tiny home together in downtown Boulder. This could be the scariest climb of all.

S 4 E 14

A Tiny Couple's Retreat in Louisville

Aired on Oct 14, 2017

Newlyweds Charles and Myra live in a spacious home with Myra’s kids, an hour outside of Louisville. Looking to recapture the early days of their romance when they spent time in the city, Charles and Myra are looking for a tiny pied- -terre in the heart of Louisville that can serve as their weekend getaway when they’re not with the kids, and as a crash pad for Charles when he works late and doesn’t want to make the long commute home.

S 4 E 15

Tiny Bachelor Pad in Asheville, NC

Aired on Oct 21, 2017

Jeff’s traveled far and wide, and has resided in Nashville and Manhattan. But when he visited Asheville, NC, he knew he’d found home. After successfully establishing himself as an orthopedic therapist, Jeff’s ready to buy his own hunk of Asheville. With a hot real estate market, Jeff thinks his best shot is to go tiny. To keep him on track, he’s recruited his feisty touring buddy Sarah. It’s time to find out if Jeff’s dream becomes reality.

S 4 E 16

A Tiny Home for Tiny Harper

Aired on Oct 21, 2017

Navy Aviator Matt, his wife Chanell, and their baby daughter Harper are all stationed in Pensacola, Florida. Their problem is that so much of their family time is gobbled cleaning and maintaining their gorgeous Victorian home, that they can’t enjoy the relaxed Pensacola lifestyle. They’ve decided to take control of their lives by going tiny. But is 500 square foot living really compatible with family life? We’ll find out.

S 4 E 17

Tiny Together in Cleveland

Aired on Oct 28, 2017

Anthony and Anthony are sick of living in separate pricey apartments on opposite sides of Cleveland, so they’re ready to take the next step in their relationship and go tiny together. Will they be able to find an affordable two bedroom home with outdoor space in the hip and historic downtown Ohio City district? With three high end tiny options the decision will not be easy!

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