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S 1 E 10

Seattle, WA

Aired on Jul 23, 2017
Chef Joel Gamoran heads back to where he was born and raised, Seattle, Washington, to meet up with local chef and Supper Corps creator Ryan Ross. The pair attempt to catch wild salmon, and then use the fish collars, corn cobs, beet greens, and cherry pits to create a mouth-watering supper for some Seattle locals.
S 1 E 9

Portland, OR

Aired on Jul 16, 2017

Chef Joel Gamoran heads to Portland, Oregon and partners up with local author and salt master, Mark Bitterman. They travel to a nearby farm to source fresh vegetables, and cook up a delectable and inventive feast using a variety of scraps such as an entire leek, mushroom stems, spent coffee, and rejected pears.

S 1 E 8

Sonoma, CA

Aired on Jul 09, 2017

Chef Joel Gamoran travels across the country to Sonoma, California to team up with old friend and long-time scraps advocate, Sally Hiebert. The pair forages for edible ingredients along the roadside, and use all of their gathered greens, along with asparagus bottoms, chicken fat, and strawberry tops, to cook up a delicious and innovative feast for some Sonoma locals.

S 1 E 7

Santa Fe, NM

Aired on Jul 02, 2017

Chef Joel Gamoran heads to Santa Fe, New Mexico and partners up with local chef Jonathan Perno, a native son and strong advocate of fresh, farm to table cooking. The two learn how to make the traditional blue corn tortilla, and give local scraps a makeover by using stale tortillas, rejected chiles, zucchini blossoms, and overripe avocados to create a delicious dinner menu.

S 1 E 6

Denver, CO

Aired on Jun 25, 2017

Chef Joel Gamoran travels to Denver, Colorado to cook with local chef and restaurateur Biju Thomas, who is quickly emerging in the Denver food scene. The pair head to a local butcher to find the scrappiest cut of meat, and use beef cheeks, cucumber seeds, stale rice, and ginger peels to create a mouthwatering meal for some Denver locals.

S 1 E 5

Brooklyn, New York

Aired on Jun 18, 2017

Chef Joel Gamoran stays local to cook in his hometown of Brooklyn, New York. He teams up with chef and falafel queen Einat Admony, who has always been a believer in cooking with scraps. The two visit a chocolate making factory, and cook up an Israeli inspired dinner using scraps such as cocoa husks, whey, an entire cauliflower, and herb stems.

S 1 E 4

Atlanta, GA

Aired on Jun 11, 2017

Chef Joel Gamoran heads to Atlanta, Georgia and partners up with local restaurateur and James Beard Award Winner Steven Satterfield. The pair looks for inspiration at a popular farmers market and cooks a delectable dinner using classic southern scraps such as an entire turnip, herb stems, country ham ends, and bruised strawberries.

S 1 E 3

Hudson Valley, New York

Aired on Jun 04, 2017

Chef Joel Gamoran escapes the hustle and bustle of New York City and heads to Hudson Valley, NY with chef, blogger, and health coach Jenn Claiborne. The two try their hands at bread making, and use stale bread, bruised apples and carrot tops to create a jaw-dropping, scrap filled feast.

S 1 E 2

Asheville, NC

Aired on May 28, 2017

Chef Joel Gamoran heads to Asheville, North Carolina, where he visits local celebrity chef Katie Button to put together an outdoor dinner feast, using out-of-the-box local ingredients consisting of “scraps” — food that usually gets trashed. The pair gather discarded spent grain from a local craft brewery to make incredibly savory biscuits, as well as using caul fat, adding intense flavor to chorizo.

S 1 E 1

Charleston, SC

Aired on May 21, 2017

Chef Joel Gamoran is joined by local chef and restaurateur Brooks Reitz in Charleston, South Carolina as they craft together a dinner menu using out of the box ingredients and food scraps. The pair go oystering and prepare a delicious meal using shrimp shells, broccoli stems and canned pickle juice that is sure to wow their dinner party guests.


FYI is partnering with Sur La Table to produce the new culinary series SCRAPS, where national Sur La Table Chef Joel Gamoran travels across the U.S. creating incredible feasts in unexpected places, using the most out-of-the-box ingredients – food waste and scraps.

Each episode of SCRAPS will follow Chef Joel to a new city where he partners with food waste champions to celebrate the local cuisine and create a delicious meal with food items many consider to be waste, like banana peels, shrimp shells, chicken bones and carrot stems. The pressure will be on as Joel will have less than a day to source ingredients, build a full menu and create a meal for an outdoor dinner party. From roadside foraging, to chocolate roasting, to oyster hunting – viewers will follow Joel on a one-of-a-kind food sourcing adventure in his refurbished 1963 Volkswagen bus, which doubles as his mobile kitchen.

The new KitchenAid® Artisan® Mini Mixer, Stand Mixer attachments and high-performance Pro Line® Series Blender will be used in the series to make everything from fresh pasta to veggie noodles and more.

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