seven year switch

Tony and Liliya

Married Couple

Tony and Liliya initially met online through mutual friends but then immediately hit it off after meeting in-person at a football game. Tony thought Liliya was the perfect package – beauty and intelligence with a passion for life while Liliya was smitten with Tony’s caring, kind-hearted personality. Although they complement each other in many ways, after three years of marriage the two are starting to realize that their foundation is not as strong as they once thought. Tony is much more laidback compared to Liliya’s strong type A personality and as a hardworking ER doctor, Liliya is frustrated with Tony’s lack of drive for his own career path. Tony takes on the caretaker role in their marriage, dealing with domestic duties around the house like cooking and cleaning. While he enjoys catering to his wife, Tony feels unappreciated and unsupported – especially when it comes to goals and dreams related to his career. Through switch therapy, the couple hopes to repair their trust in each other and become equal partners within their marriage.