seven year switch

James and Kelsey

Married Couple

Kelsey and James met while in school and immediately felt a connection the first time they spoke. After five years together as a couple, they are experiencing some difficulty in their marriage of two years. Their biggest issue is communication and being on the same page about their lives. The honeymoon stage is over and they find themselves arguing over everything – specifically about finances and each other’s priorities. Kelsey’s fun loving personality has her questioning whether or not she wants to be tied down to James, causing him to become angry and jealous over her apparent lack of commitment to their marriage. Kelsey feels she lost the romantic, sweet man she thought she married but James feels as if he has to act like her father at times, constantly trying to control her selfish, stubborn behavior. The couple is at a breaking point and Kelsey has even issued an ultimatum that if things don’t get better within the next year, then they will go their separate ways. Through switch therapy, they hope to rekindle the flame and passion they once had for each other while learning how to regain trust within their relationship.