seven year switch

Dustin and Jaclyn

Married Couple

Dustin and Jaclyn met six years ago during an MMA match where Dustin was a fighter and Jaclyn was the ring girl. There was an instant attraction and the two have been together since. After Dustin joined the Air Force, they made an impulsive decision to have a private courthouse wedding so that they could share benefits. Jaclyn’s family doesn’t know that they are already married; however they plan to reveal it at their upcoming wedding ceremony in front of friends and family. After two years of marriage, the two have become more like roommates than soulmates. Jaclyn is frustrated with Dustin’s constant party guy attitude, always pushing to get him to act more mature. Dustin wants the old Jaclyn back – the more adventurous, fun loving woman he first fell in love with. Through switch therapy, Jaclyn hopes Dustin will learn how to be more responsible and become the providing, loving husband that she so desperately wants without having to act like his mother all the time.