seven year switch

Aaron and Heather

Married Couple

College sweethearts, Heather and Aaron fell in love after building a solid foundation of friendship during their initial courtship. They both come from loving families and have parents who they look to for inspiration for their own marriage. They share the same sense of humor and Christian beliefs, making for a strong relationship. Lately, after two years of marriage the couple has been struggling with a lack of communication and differences over responsibility and priorities. Aaron is a work oriented, goal driven person who takes pride in the success of his businesses while Heather is more of the caretaker around the home, taking on all the cooking and cleaning responsibilities. Heather feels that Aaron needs to pitch in with the domestic duties in order to alleviate the stress she feels from having too much on her plate. Aaron would like Heather to find a passion of her own in terms of a career, however she feels she cannot do that if she is busy taking care of everything on her own. With Aaron’s inability to open up and be vulnerable with his wife, Heather feels at a loss when it comes to emotional support. Through taking part in this experiment, the couple hopes to learn how to communicate more effectively and spend more quality time together by creating more of a balance between work and play.