Rusty's RockFeast: Backstage With Zac Brown Band

About the Series

How do members of a big-time music group like the Zac Brown Band help maintain high energy levels while on tour? By eating farm-to-table cuisine prepared by an executive chef. This FYI series features Rusty Hamlin cooking Southern-style eats in a state-of-the-art, 18-wheel mobile kitchen named Cookie. At every tour stop, unique challenges need to be overcome to pull off the band’s famous “eat and greets” — intimate, one-of-a-kind meals for Zac, his mates and a few hundred lucky fans. Rusty and his team have only a few hours to improvise dishes based on the freshest ingredients available from local farms and markets, and to make sure the fans have an unforgettable experience, Rusty never serves the same menu twice. “I’m constantly impressed at how Rusty pulls it off every night not knowing what groceries he’s going to have,” Zac says. “It’s off the cuff every day and he makes it look so easy.”

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