The Rules of Hooking Up During the Holidays

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It’s no surprise end-of-the-year holidays call for “intimate” moments. Plenty of themed parties are thrown, spirits are heavily poured, new acquaintances are made and everyone is jolly! While these factors contribute to the perfect conditions for hooking up, only you can make it worthwhile. Take note from our guide on how to pursue a successful — and memorable! — holiday hook-up.

Not all holiday parties are created equal

The holiday hook-up magic generally happens at a festive social affair. Despite the cheerful nature of holiday parties, their vastly different set-ups truly dictate the makings of a positive hook-up. For instance, if you’re going home for the holidays and your parents are throwing a casual party, there’s a sort of pressure that could prove an awkward hook-up right in your parents’ home. You should be even more alert at the office holiday party – better yet, you probably shouldn’t even look to hook-up there at all. It’s just a bad idea, altogether. But a friend’s private event at a dive bar down the street? That will yield a more practical set-up with limited pressure or stress. Be aware of the setting and the type of people you’ll be surrounded with to determine the green light for a potential hook-up — no matter how much spiked eggnog you drink.

You can’t just kiss anyone

Studies prove that the holidays often make people feel lonely, so they’ll just about hook up with anyone when mutual attraction is felt. However, when it comes to physical interaction, there are specific people that may set off a chain of consequences and theoretically should be avoided altogether. This includes your ex, a family friend and, most importantly, your boss. These hook-up potentials are strictly off limits…unless you want to unravel drama for 2017.

Keep it private

There’s a reason why the old adage “get a room” exists. If you make an intimate connection with someone, keep it discrete. Not only is this common courtesy but there is an extra thrill when you take your hook-up to a private place in closed quarters, which enhances the moment. Everyone wins with discretion.

Don’t get too drunk

This may be obvious, but take it easy on those fancy winter cocktails. While drinking alcohol is part of the holiday party tradition (and who doesn’t take full advantage of an open bar?), getting too drunk can result in some truly embarrassing moments with the person you’re trying to hook up with. Nobody wants to see another person get sick or exhibit wildly inappropriate behavior. Too much alcohol can often cloud your judgment, and you don’t want to make any mistakes. Pace yourself while drinking so you don’t want to crawl under a rock in the morning.

Try not to break too many hearts (or get your own broken)

At the end of the day, many singles want to be in relationships and the holidays tend to bring out that desire in some people even more. Try to get a vibe for whether your potential hook-up partner is looking for a one-night stand or something a more serious before doing the deed. It’s best to only proceed if you get a sense you’re both on the same page. After all, you don’t want to spend New Year’s Eve sobbing into your drink because your hook-up didn’t text you back, or avoiding your favorite people and places to prevent running into that holiday hook-up again.

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