3 Reasons Why Kissing Strangers is Good for You

Kissing in general has numerous advantages, from emotional rewards to positive impacts on health, but kissing total strangers is equally beneficial. Not only is it fun and flirty, but it also offers a lot more comfort than you would think. Here are four reasons why you should be open to a make out session with a stranger.

It’s the Reason You’re in a Relationship Now

You can kiss your spouse or partner over and over again but the one kiss that will stand out is the first. Kissing someone opens up a whole new level of intimacy in a relationship, and it’s the first step in creating a bond that can last for years. A relationship never would have happened without chemistry — which starts with the risk of a first kiss.

It Helps You Pick Your Mate

In the animal kingdom, many species are known to “kiss” or sniff other animals to exchange information like health, identity and hormone levels. And surprisingly, humans aren’t that different. According to Jennifer Verdolin Ph.D of Psychology Today, kissing aids us in assessing the long-term potential of a mate, and we learn basic compatibility based on how well we kiss together.

It Reduces Stress

If you’re studying for a final exam or preparing for a presentation at a board meeting, one way to decompress is by smooching a stranger. Kissing is known to decrease the stress hormone cortisol while also increasing serotonin levels in the brain. It’s also scientifically proven to lower anxiety, increase levels of oxytocin (the “love” hormone) that calms us and lowers blood pressure. Kissing strangers just makes it twice as exciting!

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