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S 1 E 1

Baller Backyard Bars

Aired on Apr 02, 2016

Luke Barr and Sarah Farrell help two party-loving shed owners turn their unused backyard spaces into fantasy bars. In California, pirate-obsessed PJ’s wife won’t let him bring his nautical obsession into the house, so Luke helps him transform his HE SHED into a pirate themed pub, complete with a mast, sails, and a secret bar. Meanwhile in Austin, Texas, Sarah helps mega-hostess Erin transforms her SHE SHED into an amazing Tiki themed bar complete with surfboards and a pizza oven.

S 1 E 2

Hobby Hideaways

Aired on Apr 09, 2016

Luke and Sarah team up with two homeowners who desperately need their own creative spaces. In Texas, Singer-songwriter Joey builds a music studio HE SHED so he can play guitar 24/7 without disturbing his work-from-home wife. Meanwhile, movie buff Ana turns her Californian SHE SHED into an epic backyard movie theater where she can escape her drum-loving husband.

S 1 E 3

Into Space!

Aired on Apr 16, 2016

Luke and Sarah are taking sheds where no shed has gone before: space! In Houston, Sci-fi fan Ozzie wants a futuristic HE SHED home office, while amateur astronomer Kaitlin wants to turn her Boston SHE SHED into a stargazing homage to her husband’s romantic proposal.

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