Episode 1 Baller Backyard Bars
S 1 E 1

Baller Backyard Bars

Aired on Apr 02, 2016

Luke Barr and Sarah Farrell help two party-loving shed owners turn their unused backyard spaces into fantasy bars. In California, pirate-obsessed PJ’s wife won’t let him bring his nautical obsession into the house, so Luke helps him transform his HE SHED into a pirate themed pub, complete with a mast, sails, and a secret bar. Meanwhile in Austin, Texas, Sarah helps mega-hostess Erin transforms her SHE SHED into an amazing Tiki themed bar complete with surfboards and a pizza oven.

Episode 2 Hobby Hideaways
S 1 E 2

Hobby Hideaways

Aired on Apr 09, 2016

Luke and Sarah team up with two homeowners who desperately need their own creative spaces. In Texas, Singer-songwriter Joey builds a music studio HE SHED so he can play guitar 24/7 without disturbing his work-from-home wife. Meanwhile, movie buff Ana turns her Californian SHE SHED into an epic backyard movie theater where she can escape her drum-loving husband.

Episode 3 Into Space!
S 1 E 3

Into Space!

Aired on Apr 16, 2016

Luke and Sarah are taking sheds where no shed has gone before: space! In Houston, Sci-fi fan Ozzie wants a futuristic HE SHED home office, while amateur astronomer Kaitlin wants to turn her Boston SHE SHED into a stargazing homage to her husband’s romantic proposal.

Episode 4 Green Acres Goes Pink
S 1 E 4

Green Acres Goes Pink

Aired on Apr 23, 2016

Gregg and his friends own a 5,000 acre cattle ranch in California, and Susan lives on a Pennsylvania farm, but they have very different plans for their sheds. With Luke’s help, Gregg builds a rodeo-themed Old West HE SHED that’s all about bringing the ranch feeling indoors, while Sarah helps Susan do the opposite; creating a chic pink SHE SHED designed to tempt her gal pals in from the city.

Episode 5 Adults Only
S 1 E 5

Adults Only

Aired on Apr 30, 2016

Shed experts Luke and Sarah come to the rescue of two busy parents looking for adult-only escapes. In Massachusetts, hockey fan Pete turns his HE SHED into a log cabin retreat, complete with his own backyard ice rink. In Austin, Texas, Heather creates her own champagne-themed SHE SHED for much needed grown up girls’ nights.

Episode 6 Shed and Breakfast
S 1 E 6

Shed and Breakfast

Aired on May 07, 2016

Luke and Sarah help two shed owners turn their wasted backyard spaces into money making rentals. Luke helps Texas rancher Bob turns his dilapidated shed into an elegant weekend retreat that’s both rustic and refined, while in North Carolina, Sarah assists homeowner Amanda on a unique challenge–building a “shed room” that’s as stunning as it is environmentally friendly.

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