Emily Dees Boulden


Emily Dees Boulden is the owner of Swank, a high-end boutique in Atlanta, which has been voted one of the “Top boutiques in the Country” and the “Best boutique in Atlanta.”

Emily graduated from the University of Mississippi with a degree in fashion merchandising. Ever since breaking into the fashion industry at the young age of 25, Emily became a New York fashion week regular, a ritual which hasn’t been broken since moving to Atlanta.

She belongs to a traditional southern family from Mississippi, where her grandmother runs one of the oldest general stores, Williams Brother’s, with its own clothing section.

Although Swank keeps Emily busy, she manages to juggle her home life and career as a wife and mother of three. When it comes to fashion, Emily believes you can never have enough of a great thing! She loves layering colors, prints and accessories all in the same outfit.