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 1 Taterbot
S 1 E 1


Aired on Jul 26, 2014

The Epic Meal Empire team are asked to make an edible robot for the pickiest eaters on earth: kids. But first, Harley finds the perfect vehicle for delivering Epic Meals.

 2 The Feast and the Furious
S 1 E 2

The Feast and the Furious

Aired on Jul 26, 2014

The team hopes a motorized meal they make for a used car dealer won’t be a real lemon. And Natalie enlists some help to make the guys sound slightly less Canadian.

 3 Corn of the Living Bread
S 1 E 3

Corn of the Living Bread

Aired on Aug 02, 2014

Epic Meal Empire feeds a bunch of zombies, but these undead diners want more than just brains. Josh introduces the guys to some fruit that gets their taste buds tripping.

 4 Finception
S 1 E 4


Aired on Aug 02, 2014

The guys will sink or swim when they serve a multi-fish feast to some famished pro surfers. But first, they say “(extra) cheese” at an Epic Meal Time photo shoot.

 5 24 Hour Fatness
S 1 E 5

24 Hour Fatness

Aired on Aug 09, 2014

The guys attempt to pump up a bunch of body-builders with some epic edible gym equipment. Also, can EMT one-up the Germans in the field of bacon-based condiments?

 6 Poutine on the Ritz
S 1 E 6

Poutine on the Ritz

Aired on Aug 09, 2014

Harley enlists the help of a designer to prove that he can make fashion delicious. The guys discover a new use for their washer and dryer: making spaghetti and meatballs.

 7 Challahwood
S 1 E 7


Aired on Aug 16, 2014

When his family shows up unexpectedly to celebrate the holidays, Harley feeds them a massive Jewish meal that has totally gone Hollywood.

 8 Fabionnaise
S 1 E 8


Aired on Aug 23, 2014

Josh accepts a challenge from Fabio Viviani. Can Epic Meal Time best the celebrity chef at his own game?

 9 T.G.I. Fried, Eh?
S 1 E 9

T.G.I. Fried, Eh?

Aired on Sep 06, 2014

Special guest Kevin Smith helps the guys comfort some homesick canucks with an Epic Canadian Meal. Also, the guys hope to clean up…with some homemade bacon soap.

 10 Scavenger Hunt
S 1 E 10

Scavenger Hunt

Aired on Aug 30, 2014

When the call goes out to crowd-source an epic meal, the guys must rack their brains to assemble a feast worthy of their die-hard fans.

 11 Fat Midnight
S 1 E 11

Fat Midnight

Aired on Sep 13, 2014

@Midnight’s Chris Hardwick hires the guys to feed his underlings, but will their internet-inspired extravaganza impress a bunch of hard core nerds? Also, Josh finds international celebrity as Mentos Man.

 12 Pig Trouble in Little Tokyo
S 1 E 12

Pig Trouble in Little Tokyo

Aired on Sep 20, 2014

Epic Meal Time tries to knock out some sumo wrestlers with a super high calorie stew. Also, a doctor determines which member of EMT is the (least) healthiest.

 13 Less Jive, More Turkey
S 1 E 13

Less Jive, More Turkey

Aired on Nov 14, 2014
With Thanksgiving fast approaching, the Epic Meal Empire crew seeks culinary inspiration from history, hopping aboard a massive, somewhat Mayflower-ish boat for a crash course in all things Pilgrim. Later they drop by a farm to humbly thank their favorite animals for being so delicious and--following a rigorous screening process--welcome a select batch of Turkey Day strangers to their table for a most gracious feast of hogs. Also, twisted holiday mash-up ideas and a Fall-inspired firing of the meat cannon.

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