Harley Morenstein


Harley Morenstein, Canadian-born Internet host & creator of the YouTube channel, Epic Meal Time, began his career as a substitute high school teacher in his hometown of Montreal, Quebec. It was during this period that he toiled away in video production in his spare time, experimenting with everything from rap videos to “extremely terrible content that no one should ever see.”

Harley finally found his own karat of Internet gold, Epic Meal Time, a high calorie, booze-driven online cooking show, originally spawned from a “cheat meal” he and his friends created amidst an endeavor to promote health and fitness. When true irony was exactly what the Internet ordered, Harley saw the opportunity, and ran with it.

In October 2010, after a mere two weeks of Epic Meal Time, the number of online views was so staggering that Harley quit his day job to focus all his attention on production.

Four years and hundreds of episodes later, he and his Canuck cohorts have moved to Los Angeles and are turning up the heat with their video production company, NextTime Productions. With four web shows, three YouTube channels, two cookbooks and 7 million subscribers, the once rusty crew of lumberjacks are now heading to television with 16 half-hour episodes of “Epic Meal Empire,” premiering Saturday July 26, 2014 on FYI.