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S 1 E 8

Majestic Folk Victorian gets American Style Mega-Kitchen

Aired on Dec 03, 2016

Expats Jeff and Angela return to America, dreaming of a classic home, with an enormous American style kitchen, that also features their prized possessions acquired during their travels through Asia. Frank and Sherry’s challenge is to come up with designs that cater to all of those disparate concepts. But when they start opening up walls, Frank and Sherry make a series of dangerous discoveries that shake this family to their very core.

S 1 E 7

Palatial Prairie Style gets Open Concept Dream Kitchen

Aired on Nov 26, 2016

John and Erin have visions of an open concept kitchen that knocks down the barriers that keep them from enjoying their turn of the century landmark home. They need Frank and Sherry to come in and help achieve their vision of a home that their family of five can enjoy in maximum comfort. But when Frank and Sherry start opening walls, they make a discovery unlike anything anyone has ever seen, throwing a huge monkey wrench in their carefully laid plans.

S 1 E 6

Thrift-Shop Chic Two-Flat gets Refined Modern Makeover

Aired on Nov 19, 2016

Hollie and James live in one of the trendiest parts of Chicago–Ukrainian Village. They hope to turn their two-apartment home into a beautiful, updated single-family home for their growing family. But when tensions collide over design ideas, Frank and Sherry must figure out how to give this couple the beautiful single-family home of their dreams while incorporating their eclectic thrift store finds.

S 1 E 5

Painted Victorian Beauty gets Dream Kitchen and Master Oasis

Aired on Nov 12, 2016

Marty and Lisa want to turn their classic Victorian house into their modern dream home. They are looking to create a gorgeous communal space for their growing family in the kitchen and give themselves the huge Master Suite they’ve always dreamed of. Thankfully, Frank and Sherry are there to help make their dreams a reality. But, with Lisa due any day–Frank and Sherry face a time crunch like they’ve never experienced.

S 1 E 4

Awe-inspiring American Four Square gets Massive Expansion

Aired on Nov 05, 2016

Susan and Seamus O’Mahoney want to modernize their 1930’s American Four Square home. They are turning to their good friends Frank and Sherry to help find room for their three kids and update their tiny, old kitchen. But when the O’Mahoney’s ask for additional rooms Frank and Sherry are really pushed to the limit by trying to get their friends everything they asked for with this expansive project.

S 1 E 3

Bungalow Beauty gets Fantasy Facelift

Aired on Oct 29, 2016

Jeff and Shannon bought a home right before having their third kid and 9 years later they need to find more room in their 1950’s Chicago Bungalow. With a modest budget they need Frank and Sherry to help modernize the outdated kitchen and bathroom and help find space to build a bedroom for their oldest son. Frank and Sherry will have to get creative to help the family of five get everything they want without busting their budget.

S 1 E 2

Fairytale Farmhouse gets Stylish Modern Kitchen

Aired on Oct 22, 2016

Mary and John dream of turning their farmhouse kitchen into a modern masterpiece, without breaking the bank. They’ve asked for Frank and Sherry’s help to design and build a beautiful yet functional space for their family. But, when the homeowners make a drastic, last minute change to the project–Frank and Sherry will have to go back to the drawing board and come up with a whole new plan.

S 1 E 1

Stunning Shingled Victorian gets Luxury Makeover

Aired on Oct 15, 2016

Ashley and Tim rushed to buy a new home, and are now faced with the realities of remodeling a 130-year-old house before their baby is born. They hope to update their living space, build a luxurious master suite, and create a beautiful nursery for their newest addition. With the clock ticking, they need Frank and Sherry’s help to make their dreams of a luxurious home come true before the new baby arrives!

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