LoveIsLove: Robert and Bentley

Since the launch of Bride & Prejudice, many fans have shared their personal experiences of love in the face of adversity. We reached out to a few couples and asked them to tell their stories. We’ve seen that with love comes strength, that love comes in many forms, and, ultimately, love is defined by those who are in love… and no one else. #loveislove

A handsome man meets a beautiful woman at a pool party.

In Atlantic City.

While he’s hanging with his mother.

Entertaining movie plot or just the way Robert met his wife Bentley? (Hint: it’s not a movie…yet). Although the couple’s striking looks turn heads, they’re also in an interracial relationship and have always received negative comments.

“I’m definitely used to more stares, more attention than if I’m just by myself,” explains Robert.

They’ve endured the looks and whispers through humor and a sense of gratitude. It’s a mentality that has given them the clarity on how they live their life.

So, when a man stands in front of Bentley and questions her as to why she’s in an interracial relationship, it’s not surprising that she answers him with strength and conviction.

“Because love has no color.”

For more on Robert and Bentley’s story, check out the video above and share your stories of love conquering all with #loveislove.

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