LoveIsLove: Lester and Rick

Since the launch of Bride & Prejudice, many fans have shared their personal experiences of love in the face of adversity. We reached out to a few couples and asked them to tell their stories. We’ve seen that with love comes strength, that love comes in many forms, and, ultimately, love is defined by those who are in love… and no one else. #loveislove.

Lester and Rick had their first date at the movies, but they couldn’t tell you much more than that.

“We had such a great time, we didn’t even remember the movie!” Lester recounts with a smile.

After 14 years (and a French bulldog named Emma), Lester and Rick’s relationship has stood the test of time, despite the harsh judgment from family.

“One of my brothers had a problem with it,” explains Lester. “He was very obnoxious about the whole thing. He called me names and told me that this type of behavior is unacceptable.

“I never told you that because this is so…mean,” he confesses to his partner.

The video captures the first time Lester shared his story with Rick.

But, the couple tries not to get caught up in what critics have to say and encourages others who face any type of prejudice to keep living their lives freely.

“Life is too short to be fully concerned about what people think or say. Love is so much more powerful than hate. We live our lives spreading happiness and joy, and the people we surround ourselves with share those same beliefs.”

For more on Lester and Rick’s story, check out the video above and share your stories of love conquering all with #loveislove.

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