born to style bio

JJ Langan


Born and raised in the South Bronx, Joseph “JJ” Langan sought refuge from the streets by immersing himself into artistic films, as well as his aunt’s eclectic collection of fashion magazines. This immersion became the springboard for his obsession with the bigger, bolder, more opulent world beyond his concrete jungle. JJ’s creative passion, coupled with his fascination with human behavior, led him to be a street-style photographer, telling visual stories through people and fashion. When JJ and Jonathan Bodrick’s paths crossed, they became instant friends, cultivating an inspiring and supportive friendship that has lasted over 13 years. JJ began his career as a wardrobe stylist for independent and student films, and the experience motivated him to become a full-time film student at Brooklyn College, while simultaneously working in Harlem to help build the B.O.R.N. brand and work with Jonathan. JJ sees himself as a visual artist who wants to inspire, empower and create opportunities for others through aesthetic storytelling.