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Monet Bell


Monet Bell is a 34-year-old apparel product developer living in New York City. Her ideal type of man is intelligent, enterprising and a gentlemen; who is also family-oriented and comfortable being around an independent, professional woman. She is single because she has difficulty entrusting her emotions and well-being to someone else. Prior to her marriage in the first season of “Married at First Sight,” Monet’s dating history in New York was more scattered compared to her girlfriends. She had only been in two serious relationships and was single for almost five years. In order to make sense of the crazy, jumbled dating scene, Monet leans upon the advice of her girlfriends, a group she sees weekly at brunch or dinner parties. The most headstrong and independent of the group to a fault, Monet finds it difficult to find a partner in life that is secure enough to handle all aspects of who she is.