Ben and Vicki


Vicki and Ben grew up in Seattle and went to the same middle school. They knew each other, but never pursued a relationship. After high school, both took trips on their own to Israel where they were drawn to an Orthodox lifestyle. As fate would have it, Vicki and Ben each moved to New York City for college and they wound up reconnecting at a charity event. They were initially drawn to each other because of their shared cultural understanding of Orthodox Judaism and after the approval of their parents; they began dating. In the Orthodox community, people don’t date unless they are beginning the process of getting married. After a few short dates, Ben and Vicki were arranged. Their families are thrilled that both are marrying within the faith, however their parents have expressed concerns about the suddenness of the arrangement and have some doubts as to whether or not they are ready for such a serious commitment. Adhering to Orthodox traditions, they are not permitted to touch, kiss or be alone prior to getting married.