How to Find Your Soulmate

According to a recent poll, 73% of Americans believe in having one true soulmate. But does holding out for your perfect partner keep you from forming a connection with someone who could grow to be right for you over time?

You can open up to finding deeper love if you make these mindset and behavioral shifts in your dating life:

Vision vs. List – I always have my single clients meditate upon a vision of their ideal partner at the beginning of their dating coaching process. Visioning helps you go beyond falling for physical attraction alone. It also shifts you from dating based on a shopping list and opens you up to the possibility that someone who can match you on a soul level might lack a few qualities on “the list.”

Release Your Soulmate Expectations – Dr. C. Raymond Knee published his theories of relationships in 1998 and he discovered that those who are looking for a perfect soulmate partner become attracted to someone initially but then when problems arise, as they inevitably do, they are very quick to throw in the towel and move on. Those who believed in the alternative theory, that relationships are not perfect at the start but instead deepen over time, had much higher likelihood of being in a satisfying long-term relationship.

Date Like It’s Your Job – Take responsibility for your own actions rather than waiting for God or the Universe or an outside force to bring your perfect mate to you. My dating method is all about applying the same sort of focus and attention to your love life that you would to your career. If you are unhappy in your job, you don’t just wish or only pray that a new job will appear. You also send out resumes, asks for referrals, and search job sites. Your dating life will be more successful if you are proactive in that way by joining dating sites or apps, going to mixers, and asking friends for introductions.

Looks for Soulmates (Plural) – I don’t subscribe to the idea that there is only one perfect match out there for you. There are many people that you might match with – many possible soulmates. Sifting through millions of possible dating options to find a diamond in the rough feels overwhelming yet finding one of your many possible matches is attainable.

Focus on Feeling – Many singles focus on the attributes they want in a perfect partner but the real test of a soulmate connection is how you feel when you’re together. True love might not make sense on paper but if you find a person who lights you up inside, you are on the right track.

If you’re looking for your soulmate, these guidelines should enable to make a match with less effort, frustration and disappointment. When you find your ideal match, it will be worth the wait.

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