Tiny House Tour: Poker House

Michelle and Blake see international living in the future but need to tackle some short-term goals before they start traveling around the globe.

“We really want to travel. We want to live internationally at one point, so [we’re] really saving as much as we can to just make these things happen,” explains Michelle. With her job as a marketing manager and Blake studying to be a nurse, going tiny provided the best solution for the couple to simultaneously save pennies and invest in a custom place they could call home.

When they’re not out enjoying the Colorado outdoors, this couple (and their two dogs) love to entertain at home. More specifically, they host poker parties.

When John surveyed their belongings to take with them in the tiny house, they came across a poker set. “We get friends together maybe once or twice a month and do house [poker] games,” Blake explained. And it’s something they are not willing to give up just because they’re moving into smaller quarters.

Check out what else these ladies see as must-haves in their tiny house:

  • Separate eating spaces for two dogs
  • Two lofts
  • Kitchen storage for mason jars

See the results below:

tiny house nation poker night house
The living room couch can slide in to make way for a fold-away poker table and extra seating. The contraption on the shelf is a Zack Giffin custom creation: a doggy entertainment center.

tiny house nation poker night house
Zack sunk the bed into the loft floor to give the women more vertical clearance.

tiny house nation poker night house
A close up of the mason jar storage, a great example of how form and function is key to small living.

tiny house nation poker night house
A full view of the kitchen and its ample counter space.

To see how Zack and John managed to fit a poker party in this tiny home, watch the full episode here. Also, check out new episodes of Tiny House Nation online and on the go.

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